• American Hot Rodders Smash Guiness World Record For Simultaneous Burnout: Video

Where there are hot rods and drag racers, there are smoky burnouts. It’s an automotive fact of life. And at the annual Hot Rod Power Tour, there are an awful lot of hot rods. So what if they all did burnouts at the same time? Would that set a world record? Is there even a world record for the most smoky burnouts at the same time? And would you want to be downwind of an attempt?

As it turns out, there is such a Guinness record, and it was most recently pegged at a hundred and three simultaneous burnouts at the Summernats in Canberra, Australia. Records are made to be broken, of course, and at this year’s Hot Rod Power Tour an attempt was made. At the third stop of this year’s Power Tour, the Memphis International Raceway, Hot Rod and Continental Tire lined up 110 participants along the dragstrip and went for it.

According to Guinness rules, each burnout has to last at least 30 seconds. Owing to the a couple of busted limited-slip differentials and some organization hiccups, Hot Rod doesn’t know if its attempt will be certified to break the record yet…but it makes for some pretty impressive (if not environmentally friendly) images. Gas mask, anyone?

Now in its 21st year, the Hot Rod Power Tour is a multi-city road trip that brings together enthusiasts and their modified cars from all over the country. The Power Tour is like a rolling cruise-in night, rolling from city to city throughout the Midwest and South. This year’s Tour started in Madison, WI, and visited Champaign, IL, Madison, IL, Millington, TN, Hoover, AL, Gulfport, MS, and Gonzales, LA. In addition to frying tires, participants were able to visit various hot rod shops and other gearhead landmarks, as well as showing off their cars and enjoying the open road.

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