AMG to Expand to 30 Models by 2017

2013 Mercedes GL63 AMG Exterior
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There’s nothing better than a luxury car with some oomph behind it, and few do better at this delicate combination than Mercedes-Benz and AMG. Working together, the two have produced some of the most desirable cars on the planet today. The only performance arm that rivals AMG is likely BMW’s M-Series, and maybe Audi’s RS line and Jag’s R-S line.

With this success, we have all watched AMG grow from an independent tuner of earlier Benzes to a subsidiary to Mercedes that touches dang near every Mercedes model that rolls off of the assembly line.

Well, AMG’s reach into Mercedes’ production line is going to expand greatly between now and 2017, as the luxury-performance arm is set to grow from 20,000 units to 30,000 units in that timeframe. That is rumored to translate out to a lineup of up to 30 models in the worldwide marketplace. So it looks like there will be plenty of AMG power to go around.

The latest AMG model to debut in the U.S. was the 2013 GL63 AMG, which is set to drop in dealers soon, so we have a full slate of AMG coverage in Mercedes lineup here. However with new models in the works for the U.S. market – CLA-Class and B-Class – we certainly anticipate some nice additions to the AMG’s U.S. family too.


Source: Le Blog Auto

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