Amid "Major Disagreements," Henrik Fisker Steps Down

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Fisker’s been in serious issues for some time now and despite having a wonderful overall product, it continues to spiral further into a black hole. The EV builder has already hired an outside consultant to handle its affairs and try to find money under any rock that has yet been overturned and now the latest news really starts the door-closing procedure for the once promising company.

This latest announcement, which comes courtesy of Automotive News is that Fisker’s chairman, founder and namesake, Henrik Fisker, has resigned amid what Fisker reps are labeling “major disagreements” with its executive management on business strategy. In layman’s terms: he didn’t agree with the direction the consultant and other levels of management were planning to take the automaker.

With the resignation of this visionary, we can only see two remaining directions for Fisker: complete closure and fire sale or sale of the entire company to a foreign body, like Geely. No investors are likely to take on the risk of a company that has lost its chairman in combination with all of the other recent issues.

Unfortunately, we aren’t too sure which end result we will see, but with each passing day and gloomy announcement, the former seems the frontrunner.


Source: Automotive News

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  (548) posted on 04.12.2013

I just hope that the serious issues will be resolved and the EV builder will be able to settle their problems with their previous employee. I guess everyone should wait for more positive announcement.

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