The Murtaya has been designed from the outset by leading engineers from the automotive world ensuring that all of the latest technology and thinking being employed by the international motoring giants is incorporated into this car. The attention to detail is evident everywhere; from the striking styling, which manages to be menacing yet subtle from every angle, through to the main tub which provides a fantastic platform for the dynamic performance of the car.

AMS Murtaya
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The structure has been designed using the very latest technology and methods.

CAD modelling and analysis ensure that all parts are a precision fit and the chassis is not only perfectly suited for the intended purpose, but designed from the outset to be strong and capable of dealing with the stresses and strains to which it will be exposed.

The car features a composite monocoque tub with GRP front clamshell, doors, boot lid and rear bumper. The engine and front suspension bolt onto a spaceframe that is multi pointed to the main tub in areas specially designed to feed the loads into the structure in a controlled manner, while the rear suspension, propshaft centre bearing and gearbox mount directly to the monocoque.

The Murtaya has been carefully designed to offer an exciting and straightforward project for home assembly. The only donor parts required are sourced from a single donor vehicle, the classic shape (1993-2000) Subaru Impreza in either normally aspirated or turbocharged form.

The donor vehicles are now readily available, particularly due to the high number of ‘grey’ import cars that have been brought into the UK from Japan. These cars, especially the WRX and STI models, make for superb donor cars as the standard specification makes for an incredibly exciting package when built up with one of our kit options giving simply blistering performance and road holding.

AMS Murtaya
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For the ultimate donor an Impreza Type R or Type RA should be sought. Although rarer, harder to find and more expensive, the list of competition homologation special components fitted as standard to these models create an incredible donor package that will build into a sensational sportscar.

The list of parts required from the donor vehicle is extensive and we therefore suggest the sourcing of a complete car as a donor rather than attempting to purchase the required components individually. The remaining parts not used can then be sold on and will assist in recouping some of the initial purchase price.

The build itself is well detailed in the build manual which includes many photographs to illustrate the various stages of the construction process. The main monocoque comes pre-drilled with all major mounting points clearly defined. This ensures that the basic geometry of your vehicle will be correct, simply leaving detailed camber and castor to be adjusted at the end of the build.

The careful design of the car ensures that a majority of the donor parts are used in unmodified form, with the parts that do need adjustment being offered on an exchange basis as part of the kit contents. This means that the mechanical build is largely a simple case of removing the parts from the donor and then bolting them straight into your new car. It is possible to get to a rolling chassis situation in a single day which is hugely satisfying and provides great motivation to tackle some of the more time consuming jobs such as trimming the interior.

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