Care for a round of Tetris, anyone?

If you haven’t heard of the GAZelle Next, then don’t feel too bad because I’ve never heard of it either. At least not until today when it was brought to my attention about a certain easter egg found on the Russian-made light commercial vehicle that allows you to play Tetris. Yes... Tetris.

Falling in the “to-see-is-to-believe” segment of TopSpeed is this video of a man demonstrating how to unlock the game in the most unlikely of places. The video is in Russian, so it’s hard to decipher the exact steps that were done to unearth the game. Good thing, then, that our friends from Motor1 managed to unlock it with the help of Google Translate. Apparently, the first thing that needs to be done is to turn the ignition on and start the vehicle. Once the engine is running, the next step involves pulling down the right turn signal three times and turning the high beam on two times. Then you push the clutch five times, rev the engine up to 3,000 rpm, and then rotate the left knob of the instrument cluster for a few seconds. Then it appears, small enough to be indistinct, yet still cool enough to actually play around with.

The demonstration continues as the right knob appears to have the ability to move the bricks horizontally while the left knob is used to drop them down. It’s unclear how exactly the bricks can be rotated, but we can make do without knowing that crucial information. The mere fact that Tetris cane played from a car’s instrument cluster is cool enough itself. Just make sure not to do it when you’re on the road. Oh, and try finding an actual GAZelle Next here in the U.S. You’ll probably have an easier time finding a needle in a haystack.

Source: YouTube

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