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  • An On-The-Road Look At The Aston Martin DB9 GT: Video
    2016 Aston Martin DB9 GT First Drive Review 4K

    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve driven a Aston Martin DB9 and actually it was here in Southern California. It was great drive and I even took that car for a spin around Willow Springs to explore its dynamics at high speed. Wonderful car.

    This one is the latest, the 2016 Aston Martin DB9 GT, and we’ve driven it from LA to out here in Palm Springs to one of our favourite roads and filmed it in 4K.

    The DB9 is Aston Martin’s iconic grand tourer - and it’s so well known that when people think about Aston, there are a couple of cars they immediately recognize - one being the DB5 and the other, the DB9.

    It’s the car that brought Aston into the modern age and is perhaps best defined by its legendary styling. Just look at it. There’s just not a bad angle and its design language has spawned Aston’s entire current lineup.

    So what is an Aston Martin DB9 GT? It’s the most Powerful DB9 ever - 540 horsepower and 457 pounds of torque. It retains the six speed transaxle transmission and at first glance, you may think it needs more cogs, but it still works brilliantly, notably on roads like this.

    Watch the video for the rest of our in depth review.

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  • An On-The-Road Look At The Aston Martin DB9 GT: Video