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The Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R is one of the most revered Japanese cars of the past few decades and there’s a good reason why: packed with technology quite like no other sports car back in its day, the R32 GT-R is the jack of all trades that also manages to master each and every one of them.

Recently, one became the fastest AWD car in the world and the fastest GT-R in the world, beating all the fancy new R35s.

Legendary GT-R Quarter-MIle Run

An R32 Nissan Skyline Just Became the Worlds Fastest AWD Vehicle With a Sub-7-Second Quarter Mile!
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The GT-R earned its famous nickname, ’Godzilla’, on the race tracks of Australia where it mercilessly squashed the opposition back in the Group A days. It got so bad for everyone that wasn’t running a Skyline that the governing body of the Australian Touring Car Championship actually banned the car and, because this wasn’t possible in the car’s native Japan, the Japanese Touring Car Championship’s top class effectively became a Skyline-only show.

But the Godzilla name is fitting for drag racing Skylines too and Maatouks Racing has been flying the flag for the R32 in numerous drag racing categories for over a decade.

From True Street to Pro Street, Maatouks Racing has conquered them all as well as setting a few world records on the way. While the trophies started piling high, Anthony Maatouk realized he’s only really missing the biggest title, that of the Fastest GT-R In The World. So he did what any of us would in his position: got up and went to grab it!

To get it done, he needed a car and, staying true to his roots, the weapon of choice is a Skyline R32 GT-R but you may see from the fact that the headlights are merely stickers that this is no ordinary GT-R. Running on drag-specific radials, this GT-R’s AWD system has the unenviable job of delivering to the wheels a whopping 2,100 horsepower to the wheels.

Sam “Metro’s” GTR 6.47@219.94 Maatouks Racing has always been a name associated with crazily fast cars, mental builds and record breaking times. This time it was different we lost one of our most dearest brothers Sam Metro to a tragic car accident, he was the owner of our METRO GTR. We made a promise to him that his car would be the car that sat on top of the outright list of AWD supremacy. Yesterday that promise came true but we didn’t just give him one record like he asked we took a bundle of records whilst on our quest. The first record we took was the “Quickest GTR record” that meaning any GTR and Skyline to ever be produced. Secondly we naturally took the record for “Quickest R32 Skyline” Thirdly “Quickest AWD” what a record to have no other AWD car on planet earth is quicker!! Then the rest tumbled “Quickest import IRS”, “Quickest import on radials” “Quickest and fastest Automatic RB” “Australia’s Quickest 275 radial” But our biggest achievement was keeping our promise!! Anyone can build a car with money and machinery but to us it was all determination and heart by fulfilling our promise no money can buy this making this record the best one we have. Fly high our brother we know you are with us so we fly together!! Now turn those speakers up and listen to this car reset those world records!!!!!!! Please don’t mind the crew losing it at the end of the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #sam #metro #metrogtr #pnisher #worldsquickest #worldsfastest #wemissyousofuckenmuch #straighttothetop #itsonlybeginning

Posted by Maatouks Racing on Sunday, June 7, 2020

We know full well that the over-engineered chassis of the R32 can take a pounding and is well capable of working with more than the standard 276 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 260 pound-feet of torque at 4,400 rpm coming from the legendary 2.6-liter RB26DETT engine. But 2,100 horsepower is in a totally new ball-game. To achieve that sort of power, Maatouks Racing had to come up with some custom-made parts among many, many other things. For starters, the engine’s capacity has been increased to 3.2-liters and the unit now features Maatouks billet rockers, a Hypertune billet sump a Maatouks trigger kit, and a custom Maatouks head.

The result of all that work and preparation? A sub-seven-second quarter-mile time. For reference, a stock R32 could do - when new - the quarter-mile in about 13.4 seconds. That means that ’Metro’, as the car’s been nicknamed, is twice as fast as an unmodified counterpart. The exact time is 6.47 seconds with a gate speed of 219.94 mph which genuinely beggars belief.

To put it into perspective, that’s faster than both a Ford GT and a Lamborghini Aventador going flat out and those require way much more than 6.47 seconds to reach their respective top speeds of 216 and 217 mph.

Record-Breaking R32 Skyline Build Rundown

The fastest GT-R in the world used to be known in Australia as Sam "Metro" Youssef’s Nitto II before Maatouks Racing took it for a spin it to "see what can be done with it". At the time, the engine only made about 1,600 horsepower according to Anthony Matouuk but this was quickly rectified with new internals.

However, even before the added mods, the car was massively quick being able to run 6.9s with the lock-up converter set up right making it already the quickest GT-R on radial tires and the first GT-R on radial tires to reach a gate speed in excess of 200 mph. That was in 2018 and upon realizing the car had potential, Maatouk convinced Youssef to dig deep in his wallet and upgrade it. After all, it was just a tenth off the legendary ’King32’, another one of Maatouk’s R32s but one that weighs in at just 1,322 pounds, way less than Youssef’s R32.

Unfortunately, Youssef passed away in 2019 but this didn’t stop Maatouk from working on the car, if anything, it motivated him to get it done at a time when the fastest GT-R in the world was the R35 of American team Extreme Turbo System that did a 6.54 at 225.33 mph. As it happens, six of the 10 fastest GT-Rs in the world are R35s but now there’s an R32 that’s quicker than all of them. Do check out the video for the full story.

Source: Reddit

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