And They Said a Buick Was a Sofa on Wheels

And They Said a Buick Was a Sofa on Wheels
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Well, what’s that make a Lincoln:

Lincoln, known for design-conscious luxury vehicles such as the award-winning Lincoln MKZ sedan, Lincoln MKX crossover and Navigator, will showcase its 2009 Lincoln MKS sedan and the Lincoln MKT utility concept at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show on New York’s Pier 94 off of 55th Street. The precision-crafted interiors of these vehicles are inspired by the latest home design trends.

In other words, if you thought the Town Car was a brick, there’s more to come.

One might have thought that advertising the latest in an automotive interpretation of the “latest home design trends” would have been the motto of Winnebago or, perhaps, Airstream.

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Not the brand that Ford is attempting to create as the clone of Cadillac, as something more than a Mercury with a higher price tag.

But, no.

You’re next Lincoln is the Barcalounger of cars.

Or, maybe it’s the Weber grill of cars.

Or, perhaps it’s the SubZero of cars.

SubZero of cars.

That’s it.

SubZero, of course, is the Rolls-Royce of refrigerators.

Or, is it?

See, SubZeros are actually hot stuff, in the world of cold. Very, very expensive. Very advanced. You can order a standard model, or they’ll build you one to design. And, they have in-between models that you can fling around your kitchen, so that there is a refrigerator wherever your whim might desire one.

Having one adds to the value of your house. Sometimes more than the cost of the refrigerator.

So, we can’t call it the “Rolls-Royce” of refrigerators, because we all know a Rolls-Royce, these days, is just a bloated BMW with better lines and more pretension.

There is a risk, here, that the entire concept of comparing a car to something in your house may not be valid.

When Rolls-Royce loses out to a refrigerator, it’s bad news for someone.

Think of it this way: to what is a Prius comparable? One of those vacuum cleaners that bumps all over the room and eventually cleans the entire floor, sorta? The rechargeable hand held vacuum cleaner things (the ones that gave some of those old GM vans their design inspiration and appear to have been recycled, albeit in compact size, by Toyota – with the addition of the power source, of course)?

Maybe, the idea of comparing a car to household items is a bad idea.

Maybe, the blurb guys a Lincoln screwed up.

But, that’s no excuse not to have fun.


To what item in the house should one compare a Lincoln?

Pick and comment.

Here are my nominations:

If you wish to savage me for them, feel free. Grammar and spelling will be part of your score. (Not.)

The top three?

A Toshiba HD DVD.

A gas fireplace.

One of those sofas with two built-in recliners.

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