Don’t look now, but Audi’s also considering a hypercar of its own

Just when you thought the hypercar arms race isn’t already interesting enough on its own, a new player could be joining in on the madness with a limited-run halo car of its own. Sure, it’s still something that isn’t an absolute certainty, but Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann let it be known that it “might be a good idea” for Audi to produce a “very limited car with a high price.”

Winkelmann stopped short of actually confirming such a car in his conversation with CarAdvice, but he did let the cat out of the bag, for whatever that’s worth. So the possibility is now there for an Audi hypercar to come to life. What’s going to be interesting moving forward is how Audi plans to develops such a car in the event that it comes to that point.

One scenario that Winkelmann immediately shot down is the potential for the project to be shared with sister company Lamborghini in an attempt to save to costs. The Audi Sport chief also indicated that if an Audi hypercar does come to fruition, it will need to be a car that will be able to tie in Audi’s long and proud history in motorsports racing. Given that indication, we can at least be sure that an Audi hypercar will be built with premium importance placed on it. It might even turn into an all-hands-on-deck scenario, which would be fitting for a car of its status.

For now though, the whole idea remains, as Winkelmann confirmed, “pie-in-the-sky thinking.” That’s not to say that Audi’s leaning one way over the other, but the mere mention that it’s already being talked about by the company’s execs is a suggestion that an Audi hypercar may not be that much of a reac anymore.

Only time will tell if an Audi hypercar does end up happening, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think anybody will be complaining if Audi ends up making that proverbial leap.

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Now this is a welcome surprise

Well, did anybody see this one coming?

I for one didn’t and it’s not because I’ve forgotten about what Audi is capable of when it’s locked in on a project as big as a hypercar. The German automaker has proven its worth in the past when it embarks on developing cars like this and if it did decide to go and build its own hypercar, it has the knowledge, resources, and all-around know-how to develop a car that’s going to be worth all the hype.

But yes, I admit, I had no idea that Audi, specifically Audi Sport, has been considering such a car. I just didn’t think that it wasn’t a priority for the division that was once known as quattro GmbH. I know it’s the place that’s responsible for Audi’s RS-badged road cars, not to mention the R8 supercar, but a hypercar? There were no whispers about it, which makes this revelation that much more surprising.

Then again, is it really that surprising, especially when you consider who’s now at the helm of the division. Remember, prior to taking over Audi Sport, Stephan Winkelmann was the head of Lamborghini, a company that, in his tenure as the final decision-maker, built it’s own number of limited-run supercars that pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering to an entirely new level. Remember the Lamborghini Veneno? How about the Aventador J or the Sesto Elemento? All those limited-run supercars were developed and built under the watchful eye of Winkelmann.

It’s certainly easier now to connect the dots when you realize that Winkelmann himself admitted that he can see a potential for a hypercar in Audi Sport, “given the history we have in racing, with Silver Arrows, WEC and GT3 cars.”

So while it may be a little premature to pin our hopes and dreams of an Audi hypercar based off of what Winkelmann has said, the fact that it’s him saying it makes the possibility of seeing a rival to the Mercedes-AMG Project One or the Aston Martin AM-RB 001 a little bit more realistic.

Source: Car Advice

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