If there’s one thing that we’ve learned, it’s that supercars, no matter how fast or expensive they can be, aren’t immune to car crashes of whatever variety. Recently, we’ve had the unfortunate task of reporting that one of our most beloved supercars, the Ferrari 458 Italia got burned down.

Today, we have another one, and without question, this one is about as gruesome as it gets. According to Wrecked Exotics, this Ferrari 458 Italia was completely burned down to a twisted heap of melted metal after the supercar’s engine caught fire while climbing up a mountain pass in France. No word was said on whether there were any casualties as a result of this 458 Italia getting toasted to a crisp.

Coincidentally, the last burning 458 Italia also occurred in France just last week leading us to question whether those 458s sold in France have some curse on them or something. Either way, it breaks our hearts whenever we see a vehicle with the stature of the new Ferrari supercar getting burned beyond repair.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (399) posted on 02.10.2011

YCases on burning of Italia is increasing. I guess the Ferrari should do some action on this case. And make the Italia more safe and fire free. Or they should include a fire distinguiser in the package..smiley

  (302) posted on 02.10.2011

Yeah, this is not the first time that this thing happens. I knew once that the same tragic happen somewhere in Italy.

  (858) posted on 11.30.2010

I really hate to see an exotic car like this ended up its life on flame, for me it simply means that the owner is not responsible enough to have it. oh well its their money not mine hehehe,.

  (134) posted on 09.27.2010

I can’t believe it, even to the car like this , accident doesn’t exempt Italia. I bet the driver feel that his money was wasted!

  (1333) posted on 09.2.2010

what the hell just happened. his Ferrari had turned into dust..
poor little ferrari italia.

  (291) posted on 08.8.2010

ooh!what a terrible accident. You can’t even identify that it was the 458 Italia just by looking it’s pity look. Drivers should be
more careful in driving.

  (745) posted on 07.27.2010

Why does this happen so much to sports/super cars?

  (939) posted on 07.23.2010

Ouch! 458 isn’t built for an uphill drive?!. What a waste of money.

  (129) posted on 07.21.2010

Why does this happen so much to sports/supercars?

  (247) posted on 07.21.2010

what the hell just happened. his Ferrari had turned into dust..
poor litte ferrari italia.

  (80) posted on 07.21.2010

If this had happened to a Toyota or a Lexus, everyone would be crying recall, recall.

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