Do you remember the journalist from Car and Driver who crashed a Ferrari 599? Well is seems that Car and Driver crashed another supercar. This time a Lamborghini LP640.

Car and driver was trying to get some magazine shots. The Car and Driver didn’t felt comfortable to drive the car on the edge, but Balboni - he works for Lamborghini - tried and crashed the car. It is strange of all the three crashes were made by Lambo drivers. Imagine how would it be when the LP640 will go on sale.

It seems that LP640 needs to loose weight. Heavy high horse power cars seems to be dangerous. For the Veryon for example: in high speed mode if you turn the car more than 15 degrees or touch the brakes the car shuts down the high speed mode. If the car is so edgy that Balboni loses it trying to do a magazine shot how safe can it be for most drivers who are buying these cars?

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  (6021) posted on 10.18.2006

Check this out:

  (6021) posted on 09.2.2006

The address of my blog is:
http://accident-aud Regards,

  (6021) posted on 09.2.2006

See the blog I made about an accident I had with my brandnew Audi Q7. And the Lamborghini is also devloped by Audi, I think. I don’t say that the different accidents reported with a Lambo have the same cause as ours, but there’s a lot of similar elements. Anyway, Audi’s attitude seems to remain unchanged over the years.
http://accident-aud Aurel

  (6021) posted on 08.24.2006

requires more looking into. BUT how many crashes of a SIMILAR type have happened in the US - the largest market?

  (6021) posted on 08.18.2006

"drivers are walking away from these wrecks alive" - unfortunately not all of them are.
On 12. August 2006, two people died near Most, Czech, in a burning Murcielago after the car exited in a very high speed from straight road to nearby forest, landed upside down and went ablaze immediately.

  (6021) posted on 08.13.2006

go to they have info on some more murcielago crashes, and photos of other exotics wrecked.

  (6021) posted on 08.13.2006

lets hope no other lamborghini crashes

  (6021) posted on 07.20.2006

Yeah. Thank God. Shows the true safety of the Lamborghini’s

  (6021) posted on 07.20.2006

At least drivers are walking away from these wrecks alive. Thank God.

  (6021) posted on 07.9.2006

This is the third one, the second one was when the LP640 caught fire.
For more details see

  (6021) posted on 07.7.2006

is this the crash where the lp640 caught fire?or yet another one?

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