The BMW Concept 6-Series Coupe is becoming a popular choice among car artists to flex their rendering muscles and work on what the next-generation BMW M6 ought to look like. We’ve already seen one rendering a few weeks ago that was based on the just-revealed Concept 6-Series Coupe. This time, Bimmerpost’s Alpine325ci takes a stab at his own version of the future M6.

Just like most of the M6 models we’ve seen in the past, Alpine325ci incorporates a number of design elements that are usually found in the M6, including a redefined bumper, fresh side skirts, and allow wheels, all of which he decided to add to the Concept 6-Series Coupe. Comparing it to the other rendering we saw before, Alpine325ci’s take looks fresher and less intimidating than the other rendering. Make no mistake, both score aces on our scorecard, although if we’re going to pick one, we’d choose this by a very slight margin.


Source: E90 Post

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  (477) posted on 04.5.2011

Those kidney grille never mistakes me for identifying a BMW! Aesthetically, i like the design but i think the rear spoiler is kind of over designed. However, I want to read the engine performance of this car.

  (808) posted on 11.25.2010

You have a brake pedal and footrest with no chrome on the bottom and then the gas pedal has chrome surrounding the whole exterior. There’s variation of thickness in the pedals but not the vents.

  (544) posted on 11.15.2010

Porsche should just hack the back two doors off the Panamera, finish it with a sexy coupe roof line, call it the 928, and effectively render the 6 series irrelevant.

  (518) posted on 10.15.2010

There is just something that I don’t like about the shark-like front end. I haven’t put my finger on it, but I know that I don’t like something about it.

  (676) posted on 10.10.2010

There are only two camps, and they can be geographically separated. When I say two camps, I mean Bangle and anti-Bangle camp, and when I say they can be geographically separated, I mean Americans are pro-Bangle, and rest of the world is anti-Bangle. BMW gained a huge market with Chris Bangle, but in the process BMW lost its market in rest of the world. I am guessing now BMW is going to focus on rest of the world as the American economy is down. I do not want to say that Americans appreciate things that are ugly, just simply different from rest of the world.

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