Italian Design House Icona, the maker of show cars like the Fuselage, Vulcano, Neo, and the one-off Icona Vulcano Titanium, will make their first Geneva appearance with the Icona Nucleus – another self-driving car without a steering wheel and the desire to make trips from A to B relaxing. Unlike some of the recent concepts we’ve seen, this thing has level 5 autonomy (yeah, right!) and features a first-class-like cabin. As futuristic as they get, it also doesn’t have side glass, but instead a semi-transparent body panel that will allow you to see outside the vehicle while maintaining complete privacy.

The interior is lush and comfortable and can accommodate six people. Icona says the seats can be moved on demand and can even become a large couch. There are also electrical connections and even a table that will allow passengers to work in route, should they not be able to get away from work for a few minutes. There is no dash or steering wheel, which really isn’t that surprising.

All told, the only realistic thing about this concept is its overall size. It measures 5.25 meters (17.22 feet) in length, 2.12 meters (6.95 feet) wide, and 1.75 meters (5.74 feet) high. Oddly, it rides on 26-inch wheels while the crazy windscreen, wheel arch blades and underbody diffuser contribute to a CoD of just 0.25. While some of this sounds great and all, this thing is about 20 years or so ahead of its time. We would, however, like to take a seat inside the cabin. It looks quite comfy don’t you think?


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