The bad news just keeps mounting for Toyota. First, it was the downrating of the brand by Consumer Reports. Now it is yet another recall.
Toyota is recalling 264,000 vehicles, including Lexus models, due to defective fuel pipes. The vehicles were manufactured in Japan, but sold elsewhere. The Lexus models include the GS300, IS250 and IS350. Reportedly, though there have been 39 cases of problems caused by the defect, none has resulted in an injury.
The recall adds to Toyota’s increasingly dismal product quality record, one that led to the company recalling more cars in the United States last year than it sold here. Though the company claims that it has renewed its commitment to quality, the series of quality problems bedeviling the company in the last two years are leading many observers to the conclusion that Toyota’s quest to become the world’s largest auto manufacturer has overtaken its commitment to product reliability.

Source: The Canadian Press

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  (6) posted on 12.5.2007

The Toyota company, doesn’t need of their negative comments. For that doesn’t publish that the Americans need of Japanese.
Toyota gave the hybrid technology to GM for that they cannot make it alone. When they have taken out of the market a model toyota, like the Neon of Dodge that came out in more dangerous vehicle of the market. Ah? To that that says it?
Toyota also had to elevate their prices in each vehicle in more than $2,000 for that the Americans don’t sell their cars in their own country.Toyota has 3 marks lower its name and GM has more than 5 and they don’t sell. That it hurts!
And you comes to say that the Toyotas has problems with the fuel pipes. Please!
Inform you better. I doesn’t insult the Toyota, Lexus and Scion. OK

tango  (372) posted on 11.29.2007

Though I will agree that Toyota isn’t all that it’s perceived to be, the fact that they recall their vehicles without having to go through lemon-law actions speaks worlds of them. This alone will sit well with customers. Don’t worry about it...if it breaks or it is felt that it may break...we’ll fix it free of cost to you. Sounds good...

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