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    Antro Solo

Turkey is famous for its carpets and sweets and within a few years it could well become the green counterpart of Detroit. Cars like the Antro Solo could be mass produced there and exported to parts of the world. Antro what? Let me explain.

The Antro Solo is a three-seater, 600 pound, 100 mpg, 87 mph car. It will be all yours for just $18,000 in the year 2012. Built entirely of carbon fiber and composites, the power to run the car comes from not one or two, but four sources: gas, battery, solar panels and... PEDALS !

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The first energy source is an efficient and small gasoline engine which can also operate on ethanol, similar to flex-fuel engines found on cars in the U.S today. The second source of energy are the batteries which uses help of a motor to rotate the wheels.

The third source of power is the sun. Yeah, the sun. The glowing ball of fire will trigger the solar panels mounted on the car’s roof to produce electricity which is then tapped to run the vehicle for a maximum usable range of 25 kms. You can use the sun’s help to find your way to the nearby grocery store or movie complex.

But the weirdest, eco-friendliest and healthiest source is the fourth source which is err.. you. Human body can do work by using muscular energy and the Turkish engineers behind the vehicle haven’t missed out on that. Pedals provided under each of the 3 seats (by the way, the seat arrangement is similar to the Mclaren F1’s, driver at the center, passenger on each side) are coupled to the generator. Lance Armstrong couldn’t have been happier.

If you are tired of playing Fred Flintstones, the gasoline engine can take care of your problems. Sunlight could help too, giving complete freedom for the driver to choose which power source is responsible for getting to the desired destination.

The company also has plans for a 6-seater version which should make use of a more powerful battery pack and engine. But please don’t get rid of the pedals. We think it’s a terrific idea to pedal to work in a car every morning. Will keep your body and bank balance healthy.

Source: Autofiends

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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

It’s an amazing idea to have four energy source in a single car. I love the innovation to use pedals to promote a healthy living and serve as an everyday exercise.

  (511) posted on 08.16.2010

There’s a lot of great cars coming out on 2012 and I can;’t wait to see them all on car shows. Still need to wait.

  (554) posted on 02.21.2010

Cool car. Can’t wait for 2012. although I think that there would be a whole lot of competition for it. By that time I am sure that people will be able to develop some new technology that will bring in more mileage and less emission.

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