• Apex Aims to Launch an "Affordable" EV Once the AP-0 Hypercar Launches

Even the affordable EV will have a six-digit price tag

Almost every EV startup’s first vehicle is a supercar. Once better sense prevails, they move on to building mass-market, affordable vehicles. Is it a marketing strategy to create a strong impression in the minds of the customers? Perhaps. Tesla has done it, so has Fisker, and Rivian almost followed the same suit.

The latest electric automaker to take this route is U.K.-based Apex. The company debuted its first vehicle called the AP-O concept in London a couple of months back, but it plans to build an affordable EV once the AP-O is launched. Going by the history of the companies that adopted the same trend, we’ll probably have to wait for a few years.

It Is A Long Time Away

Apex Aims to Launch an "Affordable" EV Once the AP-0 Hypercar Launches Exterior
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Apex is led by brothers Jason and Gary Leung. Their first car, the AP-0, will be built at the company’s factory in Woking, Surrey, that is still under construction. The factory will be capable of producing 500 vehicles annually from 2022.

Once the factory is up and running, Apex will set up a plant in China, where it plans to build a smaller and affordable electric sports car.

By affordable, Jason means a car that will cost less than £100,000 (approximately $123,000).

Apex will design and engineer the car in the U.K. itself, but will build it in China. In fact, it will use the same architecture as the AP-0.

What Makes The AP-0 Special?

Apex Aims to Launch an "Affordable" EV Once the AP-0 Hypercar Launches Exterior
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Speaking of the AP-0, it makes use of a carbon-fiber tub with a modular spaceframe. This will allow the company to underpin different sized vehicles. The AP-0 takes inspiration from Formula 1 and Le Mans cars to alter the airflow and make the car as aerodynamic as possible.

What makes the AP-0 unique is that it produces exceptional downforce without the need for big spoilers. This will result in impeccable handling and ride quality. This is possible thanks to the big vertical fin which also forms part of the distinctive cross-shaped taillight.

In terms of performance, the AP-0 can sprint to 60 mph from a standstill in 2.3 seconds. The top speed is rated at 190 mph.

Apex Aims to Launch an "Affordable" EV Once the AP-0 Hypercar Launches Exterior
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The powertrain generates 650 horses and sends all the power to the rear wheels only. A 90-kWh battery pack is mounted in the floor and can be replenished to 80-percent in 15 minutes using a CCS charger.

Apex says the AP-0 will come with a minimum WLTP-estimated range of 320 miles.

Thanks to the generous use of carbon fiber, the AP-0 weighs merely 2,645 pounds. A lot of other stuff that helps the car be so quick includes a race-bred push-rod suspension from Formula 1. Apex has also equipped the AP-0 with 14-inch brakes with six-piston calipers in the front. The car sits just 3.7 inches above the ground, thus giving you a true ‘down-to-earth’ feel.

On the inside, the feet-up seating position for the driver is similar to F1 cars. The concept version features a square steering wheel and three screens for the driver that show all the relevant data. In terms of technology, the AP-0 benefits from a LiDAR system that creates detailed maps of the vehicle’s surroundings from an inch to over 100 yards away. Presently, it can achieve Level 3 autonomy, but Apex says hardware is there for Level 4 autonomy.

Apex Aims to Launch an "Affordable" EV Once the AP-0 Hypercar Launches Exterior
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Apex AP-0 specifications
Powertrain Electric
Battery 90kWh
Horsepower 650 HP
Torque 427 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 2.3 seconds
Top Speed 190 mph
Weight 2,645 lbs
Range 320 miles

Final Thoughts

Apex Aims to Launch an "Affordable" EV Once the AP-0 Hypercar Launches Exterior
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The AP-0 will be priced at £150,000 (approximately $185,000). No wonder Apex called its smaller EV ‘affordable’ even though it will cost in the ballpark of £100,000. The AP-0 is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2022. The company will then build the factory in China and produce the said cheaper EV. So, don’t expect the latter to come any time before 2025.

Should Apex go the Fisker way and launch a sub-$40,000 crossover instead of another sports car? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Autocar

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