Ugh... just when you think game companies have it all figured out

How unfair and cruel this world is… Gran Turismo Sport is the biggest letdown since Bill Clinton got some dome in the oval office. Seriously, this game flat out sucks. Sure, the graphics are good, but you would have thought that game makers would have learned from the Need for Speed reboot – no matter how badly you want it to work, strictly online car games aren’t going to happen. We don’t like them. In fact, we hate them. It’s annoying. Sure, maybe we’ll play online and race some folks on occasion, but we want a legitimate campaign, especially for a racing SIMULATOR not just some random driving\car game. It just doesn’t make sense. The guys over at Polyphony Digital should have known better, but oh no, you had to go and slaughter one of the best and most legendary titles out there. And to think, I went out and bought a PS4 for this piece of crap.

Okay, so that was a bit of a rant, but I mean, come on… The hype was real…. The feeling we got when we saw the trailers was real…. Now, we know it was all for nothing. Such a letdown and now the Gran Turismo name will be forever slandered because of this crap. Con artistry at its best – get us all hyped up, then deliver us some online-based game that is just embarrassing. There’s no car customization, VR mode doesn’t even give you points and is only you against one other car --- JUST ONE --- and the “Campaign Mode” is just your training and license tests that you have to take to race online, which you probably don’t want to do anyway.

Sony Interactive should be embarrassed, Polyphony Digital should be embarrassed, and Sony should be begging other platforms to take on Gran Turismo Sport as well because this game is going to do nothing for that exclusive games list the execs rub their nipples to every night. Don’t want to take my word for it, check out my screenshots of the Amazon reviews below, then go look at them all for yourself. Don’t waste your money.


2017 Peugeot L750 R HYbrid Vision Gran Turismo Wallpaper quality Exterior
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