would a high-riding Porsche 911 really work?

Would you be ready for Porsche to make a high-riding 911? Well, it turns out the idea is something being considered, according to a report quoting a Member of the Executive Board of Sales and Marketing.

2020 Porsche 911
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Detlev von Platen makes it clear that no official talks about such a model have been held, but he didn’t exclude it happening in the (near) future.

Autocar India quotes him as saying “The 911 is the center point for all design at Porsche and you will see its influence in other vehicles. But taking the 911 and making an SUV out of it? Taking it higher? That could be a good idea, and of course, it (a 911 on stilts) won’t be a model range, but it will be a limited, a very niche product.”

So as a limited series high-riding “911 on stilts”, such a version could make sense as it wouldn’t incur a massive investment going into re-engineering.

Porsche could obviously draw on its past rally success to justify making it in the eyes of purists, but then again this is the automaker who launched the controversial first-gen Cayenne and got through it just fine.

Apparently Porsche is Considering a 911-Based SUV
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For the purpose of illustrating this article, I made a quick rendering of how this tall 911 could look like, based on the latest 992 model. If Porsche ever makes one, it could either go all out extreme and make something along the lines of a more grown-up Ariel Nomad, or they could keep it subdued, with minimal mods and just the taller ride height betraying it is the special raised model.

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Source: Autocar India

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