Spoiler alert: don’t watch it if your stomach is weak

Have you had lunch yet? If you have, then you might have the stomach to watch this. If you haven’t, well, the risk is on you. Nothing really prepares a car with low ground clearance for uneven roads. It only takes a burp from gravity for a car’s low-hanging body parts to make contact with the pavement. That scraping sound is enough to make even the most hardened of men lose their wits. Unfortunately for all of us, watching this video is a perfect example of the perils of low ground clearance, and worse enough, it happened to a Bugatti Chiron.

I’m going to presume that the driver behind the wheel of the Chiron is its owner, so it’ll be easier to stomach the fact that he can’t blame anybody else for his foible. But he did find himself in a very delicate position with little space to maneuver his Chiron in such an angle that one tire goes through the dip in the pavement before the other. Doing so would’ve saved his carbon fiber underbody from getting planted to the ground. But alas, he didn’t have the space he needed so he braved it, rolling the Bugatti supercar straight on. It turned out to be a bad move as the underbody makes contact with the road and we hear that agonizing sound of carbon fiber meeting cement. To make things worse, the whole episode happened in front of a group of people who were mingling around the Chiron. Hopefully, the scrape didn’t do too much damage to the Bugatti supercar, as the slightest damage can be met with five-figure repair costs, or worse if the whole panel gets shredded. Knowing how expensive these parts can be, I’d be sweating in my Bugatti, too.


Bugatti Chiron

2018 Bugatti Chiron High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
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