• Apparently You Can Turn the Porsche Boxster Into a 1960s F1 Car

This 1960s-inspired Formula One car started out as a Porsche Boxster

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As a fan of 1960s Formula One racing, it’s really painful to watch the modern version of the sport, which is more about technology and strategy rather than talent and innovation. And you can’t really own 1960s F1 cars since they’re massively more expensive than classic road cars from the era. But a dedicated enthusiast took matters into his own hands and turned an old Porsche Boxster into an F1 car inspired by the 1960s design.

Apparently You Can Turn the Porsche Boxster Into a 1960s F1 Car
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The project is the brainchild of Wesley Kagan, who just began documenting the build on his YouTube channel.

Right now, his 1960s-inspired Formula One car is just a chassis with no bodywork, but he's not far off his goal given that Formula One cars from the era were mostly chassis with four wheel, an engine, and a wing.

What you see here used to be a first-generation Porsche Boxster that he purchased for only $2,500. He got rid of the body and modified the chassis and the suspension. He even made the engine look like one from the 1960s, and even though it looks a lot like the iconic Cosworth DFV V-8, it’s still a Boxster flat-six.

Apparently You Can Turn the Porsche Boxster Into a 1960s F1 Car
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The project is far from finished and sadly there’s no high-speed footage, but Wesley drives the chassis for a bit to the... coffee shop. Needless to say, this is a very ambitious project that’s worth following so check it out below.

The 1960s are the Golden Era of Formula One

Apparently You Can Turn the Porsche Boxster Into a 1960s F1 Car
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The 1960s are regarded by many as the golden era of Formula One. The series was becoming more and more popular and constructors introduced innovations like aluminum-sheet monocoque and aerofoils.

These years saw iconic drivers like Jack Brabham, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, John Surtees, and Jackie Stewart rise to fame. Sadly, this era was also part of the "Killer Years," when racing was exciting but also unsafe. During the 1960s, no fewer than 13 drivers suffered fatal accidents, including legends Wolfgang von Trips and Jo Schlesser, but many other drivers lost their lives in similar open-wheel series, like Jim Clark.

Iconic F1 cars from the 1960s included the Cooper T53, Ferrari 156, Lotus 25, 33, and 49, Brabham BT19 and BT24, and the Matra MS80.

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