Ah, April Fool’s Day has finally arrived and the news wire was chock-full with fake stories and all sorts of Tom Foolery. We ran into our fair share while combing the wire for good stories and thus far, have run into a few goodies. So, we’ll outline a few of our favorites.

First up is the “Driver Mod” courtesy of Stage 3 Motorsports. For “only” $300,000, you can buy this easy-to-install modification that replaces, well, YOU with an autonomous driver that will make your car smoke the competition. The only flaw is that it is not compatible with pine-scented air fresheners… Then again, who really is?

Another one we found rather hilarious is the report from Left Lane News of an AWD M5 diesel wagon with a manual transmission. Granted, this one was a tad over the top and the commenters didn’t take to well to it, but we still found the smorgasbord of Bimmer models rolled into one gut wrenching.

The BRZ Hybrid Diesel Convertible press release would have made it into this list had it been executed a little better. But, we’ll give Suby credit for at least trying.

Click past the jump to read more of our favorites and the TopSpeed April Fool’s article

April Fool's Day: The Best of the Best 2013 and a TopSpeed April Fool Exterior
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Another one that just surfaced was the Volkswagen LeVanto Supercar (above), which, like the BRZ, was going to use a hybrid diesel powertrain. VW was touting this supercar for the 2015 model year, but we all know that was obviously an April Fool’s Day joke. A sharp car though.

EVO tested a new sound-replication system (video above) that uses the M6’s current Active Noise Control system and allows you to pipe any sound you want into the cabin. Say you like to hear a dog bark when you shift gears, you can have it. If you fancy the sound of a Bugatti over your M6, you can pipe that in as well. Of course, the release date of April 1, 2014 is a dead giveaway.... April Fool!

Now, did TopSpeed lay one on you today? Well, of course we did. This little beauty on the Corvette Z06 and ZR1 was a complete fallacy. The press release and article were both written by yours truly… Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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