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As if we haven’t heard enough about “fake news” lately, April 1st usually bring with it an expectation of tricks and pranks. The auto industry is more than willing to get in on this annual tradition, and 2017 brought out all kinds of entertaining, hilarious, and otherwise bizarre April Fools’ jokes from the world of cars. And uh, yeah, we too might be guilty of yanking your chain, dear reader.

So, to help you get your feet back on the ground, and possibly eke out a chuckle or two, we’ve recapped all the big jokes right here in this article. Included is a featherweight supercar, an emotive car horn, a high-performance tractor, cats in hats, and a whole lot more, plus all the pranks we here at TopSpeed managed to come up with.

Which begs the question – which of these ideas are worthy of a shot at making it in reality? Or, to say it another way, which of these jokes shouldn’t be jokes at all, but real? Let us know in the comments!

And, as always, enjoy!

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Dodge To Offer Challenger Demon With Faster All-Electric Option

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon High Resolution Exterior
- image 703624

Just a few years ago, something like this would have seemed absurd. But now, with hybrid hypercars tacked up as bedroom posters across the globe and all-electric sedan bringing the heat at the drag strip, a Demon EV isn’t that far-fetched, is it?

Well, either way, fear not, all you fans of the exploding dino juice. The Demon is most definitely still getting a supercharged V-8 to make it go. For now, at least.

Read the full article here.

Ford Poised For AMG Buyout, German-Tuned Mustang Possibly In The Works

Ford Poised For AMG Buyout, German-Tuned Mustang Possibly In The Works
- image 711664

First off, that whole thing about Germany proposing an outright ban on new internal combustion passenger cars by the year 2030 – well, as it turns out, that’s totally real. But, the details are a little less dramatic than the headline. The proposal is non-binding, which makes it little more than a suggestion at this point.

However, all that stuff about Ford buying AMG to tune the Mustang into some kinda weird amalgamation of American muscle and autobahn-bred poise – that’s not real. But it does make you wonder what happens to companies like AMG should Germany follow through on the ban, don’tcha think?

Read the full article here.

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL To Get SRT Demon Edition, Inside Source Says!

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL to get SRT Demon Edition, Inside Source Says!
- image 711787

With the imminent arrival of the new Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk, a high-performance SUV with the thundering 707-horsepower heart of a Hellcat, it makes sense that a Demon Wrangler could be in the works. Because why not? Why not stuff an off-roader with enough power to rip a hole in the fabric of space-time? Seems reasonable enough to us…

Read the full article here.

Tesla 8.1 Software Update Includes “Turtle Mode” For Drag Racing

Tesla 8.1 Software Update Includes "Turtle Mode" for Drag Racing
- image 711789

Let’s be honest for a second here – Tesla and its probably-a-comic-book-character-come-to-life CEO, Elon Musk, are known for occasionally doing some whacky things. For example, if you hit the right combo of buttons on your Model S, you’ll enable something called “Ludicrous Mode,” a nod to the 1987 sci-fi parody “Spaceballs” that turns the all-electric sedan into an outright acceleration monster. So, with the recent release of the latest Tesla software update, more drag racing goodies seems about right to us.

Say hello to Turtle Mode. Hit the on switch, and any would-be speed competitor won’t have a chance. Go ahead – let ‘em talk.

Read the full article here.

Lexus Offers Unbelievably Useful Lane Valet Feature

We’ve all had a run-in with one of those people before. You know who I’m talking about – there they are, cruising along, obstructing your path, oblivious to everything around them – the infamous left lane bandit. They’re annoying, for sure, and if the speed differential is great enough, a potential safety hazard as well. But what if, with the press of a button, that dawdling car ahead would automatically move over, freeing you up to use the fast lane as intended?

Well, you know, Lexus, that ain’t too bad of an idea…

Read the full article here.

Honda Looks To Spark Romance With In-Car Dating App

April Fools' 2017 – Recap
- image 711790

I know, I know. We’re all busy. It can be tough to find the time to meet that special someone these days, but luckily, there’s an app for that. Enter H-Swipe, a new dating app that Honda just released which “uses geolocation technology to pinpoint the nearest potential dating candidate.” After the app locates said someone, a picture of the potential mate is then displayed on the windscreen, prompting the driver to swipe left or right using the rain wipers to either confirm a match or move on to the next candidate. Of course, the tech only works when the car isn’t moving, such as in traffic or when parked. No word on whether the app only works with other Honda drivers, but if so, maybe the two of you can talk about your mutual love of VTEC?

McLaren Takes Flight With Feathered Wrap For 570GT

Aero is a funny thing – take the same wing that makes an airplane fly, turn it upside down, and suddenly, you can make a car turn harder. It’s game changing stuff, but what’s the next step? How do we make aerodynamics even better?

McLaren thinks it’s got the right idea – “10,000 carbon fiber-veined artificial feathers,” as applied with a special wrap for the 570GT speed machine. Heading the project is Robin Crane, a specialist in biomimcry, and the result, well, it speaks for itself.

Honda Gets Expressive With Horn Emojis

As it stands, the car horn is used for a variety of purposes, from the friendly “goodbye double tap,” to the “LOOK OUT panic blast,” to the enraged “multiple screw-off bleating.” These are all technical terms, of course, but Honda has taken it a step further with Horn Emojis technology.

Just press the button that corresponds with what you’re seeking to express, and the horn will relay that emotional information via a carefully tuned pre-set sound. Goodbye ambiguity!

Lyft Introduces Autonomous Ride Hailing

Sure, ride hailing services are pretty convenient – just fire up the app on your phone, ask for a driver, and boom – a car shows up to take you wherever you need to go. But what if it could be even easier than tapping a few buttons on your smartphone? What if it could all be done autonomously? That’s what Lyft is proposing in this very purple, ‘80s-esque concept video, complete with dancing and lasers. Just raise your thumb and go.

XFinitity Goes Fast & Furious All Over Some Unsuspecting Movie Fans

Excited to see “The Fate of the Furious,” the latest installment in the car-splosive “Fast & Furious” franchise? These folks certainly were, especially when Xfinity invited them to a secret showing. As it turns out, things got pretty real, real quick. Expect lots of pyrotechnics and burnouts.

Cobb Tuning Makes The Ultimate WRX Accessory With Accessport Vape

April Fools' 2017 – Recap
- image 711801

Bro. Bro. You might have a fast Subaru, bro, but it would be a lot faster with some tuning magic from Cobb. And if you’re gonna, tune, you might as well vape too. You were gonna do that anyway, right? This product meets all those needs in one convenient package. Blow fat clouds while making more power. Hella sweet.

iRacing Wants To Put You Behind The Wheel Of A Porsche Tractor

Racing simulators are great for putting you in control of unattainable rides on inaccessible racetracks. iRacing is one of the most realistic simulators out there, offering gameplay so lifelike it could be used for actual driver training. Although iRacing has copious options when it comes to choosing your ride, new additions are always welcome, and this latest machine from Stuttgart will surely get your adrenaline pumping – the 1957 Porsche P133. No word yet on what crops will be included in the forthcoming track packs.

Simplify, Then Add Catnip – Lotus Builds Helmets For Felines

April Fools' 2017 – Recap
- image 711804

Racing drivers need very quick reflexes, tiptop eyesight, and possibly nine lives if they’re gonna succeed, and we all know what kinda animal has those characteristics naturally. Of course, Lotus doesn’t suggest racing with your furry companion, but rather, using the helmets as a way “to enhance the safety of cats for trips to the vet, visiting a cat show, or just a spirited Sunday drive.” Meow.

Skoda Introduces “Rent-A-Family” Service For Highly Accurate Test Drives

April Fools' 2017 – Recap
- image 711805

Buying a new car can be tricky. Finding just the right one for you and your lifestyle isn’t always a simple matter, but Skoda just introduced a new service that might make the whole process a little easier. Or more difficult. Buyers interested in the Kodiaq SUV, a vehicle intended for familial transportation, can now rent a family to better simulate what it’ll be like when the Kodiaq is put to use.

“Rent-A-Family” comes complete with bratty young ones, including “crayon-wielding kids, insolent infants and talkless teens.” Also included is automatic pestering of the driver, with at least three demands for a bathroom break and at least five queries regarding if they have finally arrived at the intended destination.

The service is also offered with a “travel-sick yapping dog” if desired, making it one of the most accurate family simulations available on the market.

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