European consumers have a history driving smaller displacement engines due partly to the costly taxes imposed by their governments and the price of fuel across the pond. So it is no surprise that Volkswagen’s 1.4 Liter power plant has been quite a sales success in that market. However there is the problem of less than stellar performance from the TSI four banger as it comes from the factory. That is where the aftermarket comes in to play.

APS Sportec VW Golf GT
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The English tuning house APS Sportec has just come out with a power package for the 1.4 Liter TSI Volkswagen Golf GT that brings output up from 160 HP and 177 lb-ft of torque all the way up to 200 HP and 211 lb-ft of torque with only a stage 1 ECU upgrade. The added power allows the Golf to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 6.8 seconds, this is quite impressive considering the stock vehicle does the sprint in a much more lackadaisical 8.2 seconds.

One of the best parts of the upgrade is the price. For only £550.00 APS will not only sell you the reprogrammed computer, but also install it and road test the car to make sure that everything is working, as it should. So if you are looking to get some more oomph out of you Golf without breaking the bank, give the boys at APS Sportec a ring and let them turn your TSI powered VW into a truly hot hatch in only a few hours time.

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Press release

Automotive Performance Services (APS) Ltd, UK importer for the Swiss based Sportec range of vehicle performance enhancements, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Stage 1 ECU upgrade package for the latest version of the 1.4 – liter TSI MkVI Volkswagen Golf GT.

APS Sportec VW Golf GT
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In standard form the turbo / supercharged 1.4 – liter TSI Volkswagen Golf MkVI GT produces a respectable 160bhp and 177lb.ft of torque, enough to merit ‘warm hatch’ status, but not to really excite.

Sportec’s careful recalibration of the fuel, ignition timing and boost pressure settings via an extensively proven ECU remap sees power output leap to 200bhp at 5000rpm and 211lb.ft of torque at 1800rpm, delivering marked performance improvements which greatly increase the driver enjoyment of the smaller engined Volkswagen Golf.

For example, the TSI’s 0-100 kmh (0-62mph) acceleration time is reduced from 8.2 to 6,8 seconds, while the 0-180 kmh (111mph) time arrives 3.2 seconds earlier.

APS Sportec VW Golf GT
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By comparison the new range topping MkVI Volkswagen Golf GTi produces 207bhp and 207lb.ft, which highlights the effectiveness of Sportec’s work, as this cost effective upgrade transforms the performance of the turbo / supercharged 1.4 –liter TSI variant into a true small engined ‘hot hatch.’ Emissions compliance is retained, as is the 1.4-litre TSI’s excellent fuel consumption, which increases slightly from 44.8mpg to 42mpg, although the conversion does require the use of higher octane Super Unleaded fuel.

Suitable for both six speed manual and seven speed DSG versions of the MKVI TSI GT, the Sportec Stage One conversion is available now from UK Sportec importer APS, priced at £550.00 including installation, road testing and VAT @ 15%.

A full range of Sportec Volkswagen Golf MKVI performance and styling enhancements, including exhausts, suspension and braking components, is now available and is showcased on Sportec’s SC200 1.4 TSI demonstrator car.

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  (570) posted on 06.24.2011

The only good thing about this car is that it has an amazing look. And yeah I have to agree that this car is not a best option when talking about fuel economy.

  (337) posted on 06.24.2011

Is this car is electric or not? Hmm. I think its kind of less powerful and in terms of 0-60 mph its kind of slower. I would like to see a boost power engine.

  (273) posted on 06.2.2011

hmm. It seems that VW can’t offer a better engine for their buyer that they need to wait for a aftermarket version for this model. BTW, there are car company that offers fuel efficiency and high speed performance at the same time so why can’t the VW?

  (474) posted on 06.1.2011

In times of fuel crisis, its better to use a car that offers a better fuel economy. And for that, here is the VW Golf GT! I like the after version of this car for it offers a high performing car and good fuel efficiency!

  (596) posted on 05.10.2011

Yes, that’s very true. In fact, we have to make necessary precaution that not all inventions or modifications are beneficial. That is why you have to test it for hundred times.

  (619) posted on 09.24.2010

Each technology has its pros and cons, but one automotive supplier has a potentially radical idea that could compensate for the inherent weaknesses of each device.

  (325) posted on 08.4.2010

Geez, man, when are we going to get the new Golf? They’re going to have refreshed it in Europe by the time it makes it to the states.

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