Hey, look! There’s a bonfire happening in the middle of the streets of London!

Oh, wait. That’s not a bonfire. What that is, unfortunately, is a Ferrari 360 Modena that’s on fire. Hey, at least it’s not a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Tasteless jokes aside, the story on how that 360 Modena caught fire is a doozy. Turns out, it belonged to somebody who decided to rent out his supercar through a rental agency for $1,500 to an Arab prince who ended up crashing it to oblivion. And all of that happened before the car started catching fire.

Two things that we’re dying to know: One, how in the world did the owner feel when he found out his Ferrari was totaled beyond repair and all he got out of it was $1,500. You can’t even buy a dinged-up Pinto with that money. Second, how can an Arab prince rent out a Ferrari when he probably has like a hundred of them tucked in his garage?

Although we don’t know what came out of this mess, the only redeeming part about this is that the Arab prince can probably afford to replace the 360 Modena with another Ferrari, or maybe something even better. If we were the owner of the car, we’d be thinking somewhere along the lines of maybe a Pagani Zonda.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (205) posted on 10.28.2010

yeah, when i first glance the accident i thought at first that it was actually a bonfire..is there any injured in that accident..

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