• Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way

Arash Cars is now a brand owned by Arash Motor Company Ltd (Formerly known as Farboud Ltd). The brand and company have been emalgamated to form Arash Motor Company Ltd (AMC) in order to seperate the differences from any company Arash Farboud has been associated in the past.

Arash Motor Company continues to own the perpetual licence and badge for the Farboud GTS now known as the Farbio GTS manufactured by Farbio Sports Cars Ltd.

Progress of the AF10 continues well with updated changes to bodywork and the final development stages of the prototype mule. A pre- production car is aimed for launch in quarter 4 of 2008. Orders are now being taken and distributor agreements are commencing for 2008. The manufacturing facilities in Cambridge are now being geared for production cars for the end of 2008 and the start of 2009. An estimated 25 cars per year of the AF-10 model are to be assembled at the Arash Motor Company headquarters in Sawston, Cambridge.

Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way
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The specification and the price remain unchanged inluding the V8 GM 7 litre power unit and Graziano Trasmissioni gearbox in manual format. Final weight remains unchanged.

A further supercharged engine version will follow 9 months after the launch of the production AF-10 using the LS9 GM V8 supercharged engine to be released in 12 months time to small manufacturers. A final price and model designation is to be finalised nearer launch, however the price is likely to be higher than the current £173,000 AF-10 price.

Introduction of a new model to the Arash Motor Company stable. AF -8

A further model has been approved to be released in 2010 to support the AF-10 super/hyper car. The model has been assigned the code AF-8. The AF-8 model is regarded as the ‘baby AF-10’. Engine choices have not been finalised, however look to be using the V8 GM range aswell as the consideration of a diesel turbo unit. Prices are circa £120,000, however are subject to change nearer launch.

The decision to release AF-8 has been a consequence of customer demand and the increase of capacitiy becoming available in the Cambridge facility over time. Further manufacturing facilities have been penned at an 8 acre site in Newmarket which is currently owned by Farboud Holdings Ltd as a clean sheet site.

Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way
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AF-8 inclusion adds further strength to the Arash Motor Company brand and the Arash Farboud history of car design and manufacturing since 1999. The business model welcomes an additional model to support the ‘halo model’ AF-10 as the flagship and to allow customers to have a car for everyday use as well as super/hyper car for track and enthusiast use. 

AF-8 is expected to have a similar chassis to AF-10 in Steel and Carbon composite construction with a similar view regarding handling and performance. The cars overall size however is to be smaller in footprint and overhangs and is aimed to be ‘driven as an everyday car.’ Everyday use considerations include, ample luggage space, drive aids including traction control, ABS and safety features such as impact retaining seatbelts, air bags and side impact stuctures. A view for all levels of experienced drivers being able to use AF-8 is high on consideration. Track use aswell as day to day driving is again high on consideration. It is expected also that Carbon Ceramic discs will be an option for the car as found on AF-10. AF-10 still remains the flagship model by having a more powerful engine, a more focused chassis and interior as well as lighter final weight. Its extreme proportions and dramatic surfaces continue to seperate it from the AF-8 range.

AF-8 signiture feartures.

As found with all Arash Farboud designs since 2002, a concious effort has been made to pay homage to Lemans Sports Cars and F1 cars. As found in the historic Farboud GT and GTS, there are large flat surfaces, coke bottle style shaping to the overall footprint of the car and a ‘smiling face’ design to the front of the car. 19” wheels are being used for good handling, grip and road noise consideration.

Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way
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Dihedral Reflex – reverse NACA

The ‘signiture’ dihedral reflex aperture’ or ‘reverse NACA duct’ feature appears again on the AF-8 allowing air pressure release and hot air relief from front disc brakes. This feature is found behind the front wheels in the door outer skin. The door opening function is ‘conventional’ as opposed to the ‘lemans style’ dihedral door as found on AF-10. Again this is allowing the car to be used as an ‘everyday car’.

Front seperate wing. Other Aero Functions.

Front seperate wing. AF-8 again continues with the unique AF-10 front wing. This seperate front wing allows further downforce push on the front of the car as well as making a further ‘signiture feature’ to the Arash Motor Company range.

A continued effort to improve drag and downforce overall has been investigated for AF-8. The inclusion of an active rear wing and fixed rear diffuser has been included to add to the final formula of ultimate performance for AF-8. CFD and windtunnel calcualations commence on the development model in a similar fashion to how AF-10 was developed. Software for CFD and handling continue to be a supporting role for all future models.

Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way
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Eyeline feature of door windows have been made ‘signiture features’ for the ‘baby range’ of Arash Motor Company models. The side view of the car indicates the use of human style eye features with the side window apperture. This use of this design has integrated beauty as well as agression from the car.

Unique Features:
AF- 8 features an advanced road car aerodynamic package.
The package includes a radical front wing separated from the main front body clam and strong air intake top pods.
These features have taken influences from Lemans racing cars and F1 cars, however perform specific functions for the overall performance of the car. Split radiators have been used for the front and Oil radiators have been postioned in the side pods including air intakes. Active front and rear wings have been used to achieve an overall impressive aeropackage for high speed stability and low speed grip. The position of the front wing is unique to the current car industry today and is a ‘signiture’ to the Arash Cars family.


The 7 litre GM unit has been used again for the AF-8. Final power output is estimated at 550bhp at 6000rpm. The unit has been specifically chosen due to excellent supply of parts and backup from GM Uk and its reliable emmission compliant power delivery. Servicing is minimal due to the unstressed nature of the engine as well as ease of installation into the AF- 8 chassis. Final specifications are to be announced on power outputs Grazianno Trasmissioni have been chosen as the supplier of gearboxes due to the reliable power handling and good supply chain for transmissions to the UK. The transaxle unit can be found in many high level OE cars today.
An automatic gearbox option is yet to be confirmed prior to launch.


Full carbon and steel frame chassis with steel front and rear crash structures and cradles. The chassis has been designed with kpi angles to achieve sports car feel but supercar presence. All wishbones are double format and have steel tubular structures. All uprights are internally designed to fit AP racing 6 pot carbon ceramic discs and callipers.

Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way
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All carbon fibre with honeycomb and nomex sandwhiches have been used to achieve weight reductions and built in stiffness advantages.


All manufacturing of main components will be carried out in Sawston due to such low volumes of cars being released to the market. An estimated 25 -50 cars will be manufactured per year with a small number being delivered to the US market in LHD format. Outsourcing for machining and main OE parts will still be maintained, however a need to manufacture chassis and body components are essential to achieve control and quality control.

  • Circa Price: £120,000. Inclusive of VAT. To be confirmed
  • Full carbon body.
  • Carbon and steel chassis.
  •  V8 7 Litre GM Engine. Titanium Conrods, dry sump with cooling.
  • 505bhp at 6000rpm.
  • 6 speed manual Grazianno transmission.
  • 19 inch wheels standard
  • Supercharged version to be released at later date.
  • Full leather interior.
  • Conventional door opening.
  • Full warranty and roadside assistance.
  • Full lifetime body warranty.
  • 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.
  • Top speed 204 mph.
  • Active front and rear wings.
  • Full aero wind tunnel tested aero package with full underfloor aero system.
  • Standard sat nav, mp3 player, rear view camera fully integrated touchscreen system.
  • Full air con pack.
  • Dimensions To be finalised
  • Wheel base - To be finalised
  • Performance: TBC
Arash AF-10 production starts at the end of 2008; baby AF-8 on the way
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