Announced back in 2008, the British built Arash AF-10 super car is now an official production vehicle. The new sports car will go on sale for around $540,000 and if you want to park one in your driveway then you better hurry up, because over the 5 year production run only 70 units are scheduled to be produced.

Arash AF-10, the 550 HP British super car gets official
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The Arash super car is built with 100% carbon construction and uses an aluminum honeycomb complete with nomex panels to increase rigidity to provide the AF-10’s chassis with more strength. Instead of traditional glass the larger see through panels have been made out of lightweight non shatter and scratch resistant acrylic, however the much smaller side windows are made from laminated safety glass. All of the Arash AF-10’s body panels have been made using a carbon autoclave process which eliminates the need for excess resins and makes the parts even lighter and stiffer than ever.

Arash AF-10, the 550 HP British super car gets official
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Under the deck lid, the AF-10 is powered by a mid mounted 7.0 Liter LS7 sourced from a Corvette ZR-1 and is tuned to delivers a maximum output of 550 HP and 475 lb-ft of torque and is mounted to a six speed manual Graziano GT-ME1 gearbox. The way that it comes from the factory, the Arash AF-10 can hit a top speed of 205 MPH, however for those of you who crave more than the standard 550 HP offering, the British super car builder will also prepare an 800 HP and 1000 HP version. In order to satisfy the needs of super car enthusiasts who can’t afford the full size version, Arash is also preparing an AF-8 model.


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  (515) posted on 01.4.2010

Maybe it’s kinda expensive but I know how powerful this car and to have another option of turning in into 800HP and 1000HP, so much power. For a 70 unit production, that means they’re confident on the sales on this one. Honestly speaking, I don’t know this car but sure an apple of the eye for underground racers.

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