Well the LP640 haven’t come onto market yet, and allready 3 of them have crashed while testin. So we can not start wondering: is it really worth it to buy one?

A Murcielago is the biggest dream of many car lovers and usually a very expensive dream. But lets say you pay the price for this car and you buy one. What do you expect for the car? Usually top-security and quality should have highest priority whit this supercars, otherwise a dream might become a nightmare.

We will tell you a story, a real one... Is a story of a guy who wanted a Murcielago, bought one, but his greatest dream put him in a coma, and he doesn’t know why... But we’ll let you read what happend....

My story begins at the end of June 2004. A friend of mine and me are on our way to check out another Murcielago because the first one that we had a look at near Munich wasn’t in good condition anymore and I didn’t like it because of that.
Shortly after that I realised that I made my decision. This was the car that I was going to buy. Those thoughts were in my head all way back home.

Although the car is a little bit over my budget of what I wanted to spend on a car, I visit the former owner a second time on June 30th 2004. On this Wednesday I bought the 8 months old Lamborghini Murcielago from a private seller who was the first owner of the car and just got it back from service on the day I purchased it.
It had about 5000km on the odometer and looked like in top condition.

Are Murcielago owners endangered species ?
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The following weekend is very nice. And then it’s Sunday, 4th of July. In the morning I have no idea that this date will stay in my mind for quite some time yet forever. On the early afternoon I wanted to visit the former owner of my Porsche who became a good friend of mine. In town we meet two other friends and they accompaign us. On our way back home my buddy changes seats with one of the other two guys because he also wanted to be passenger in the Lambo.
While driving home on the Autobahn something incomprehensible and to today unexplainable happened...

The car suddenly turns right on the Autobahn which is straight, dry and in quite good condition with hardly any traffic, and after a very fast 90 degree turn goes through the guard rail and then lands with the top down in a forest about 150 meters from the place where the guard rail was broken through. The possiblity of a tire failure is being eliminated by experts, also the road was in good condition and no hindrance, like animals or anything like that, was no the road.

With a very bad brain lesion i was put in intensive care and in artificial coma. A heavy and uncertain time follows in the hospital where in the beginning it is very uncertain whether I will carry permanent damage, whether I will recognize my family or whether I have to learn to walk and talk again. Fortunately everything went very well and only 5 weeks after the accident I was dismissed from the hospital.

Are Murcielago owners endangered species ?
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There are still many unanswered questions... Why did the accident happen? Who is guilty? Who can be in charge?

According to experts tire failure didn’t happen and the aftermarket wheels also didn’t have anything to do with the accident. In fact they look like they were of very good quality because none of them broke, they were only deformed by the impact.

Now, after reading what do you think? Who’s fault is it? Lets try to make a little review of what the experts conclued after the accident:

  • The Murcielago do not have a high-grade-steel-screws, especially at places where those bolts can be seen, which would have caused costs of about 40$ (indeed to much cost for a almost 300000$ car)
  • Some of the air hoses of a supersportscar are loose and can be pulled off without great effort.
  • The cause of the accident according to the opinion of an expert (whose expertise was found incorrect and incomplete in the second court hearing): The calculated speed of 136 - 149 mph does definitely NOT have anything to do with the accident. The only thing that remains is a driving mistake, probably tore the steering wheel or something like that. Of course without any reason. Then the case was clear for most people dealing with that case. The fact that the had driving experience of 100,000km till the accident and that he was doing motorsports for already 5 years as well as the fact that the accident happened on a nearly straight road in great condition didn’t change anything in their opinions.
  • According to an expert for analysis of accidents, the beginning of the accident and the drifting movement, when the right hand bend of the Autobahn didn’t even start yet, this means that the beginning of the accident set off on a totally straight road! Furthermore it is almost impossible that such a car would make a 90° turn at a speed of 149 mph by a driving mistake. Thats just impossible. It would be possible to drive it straight off the road into the woods but oversteering can only happen if there is a single-sided impact on the car.

So what the guy should do? he tried to write a letter to the manufacturer trying to get more answers. he tought that the company should know its own cars better than any other experts and have an answer for his question.... But no answer untill today....

So now, let me ask you... Is really a dream worth it? he was a lucky guy because he’s still alive, unlucky because he bought the wrong car, unlucky because he throw 300000$ on a dream that did not worth it!

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