• Are These "Leaked" Images of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Legit?

It looks like the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series "debuted" earlier than it should have

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Updated: Following these image leaks, which were most likely planned,Mercedes has released a show-all video for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

A Black Series version of the Mercedes-AMG GT has been in the rumor mill for more than two years now. Camouflaged versions were spotted on public roads and on the Nurburgring track and new reports say that the sports car could debut in July 2020. But the wait is partly over, as the AMG GT R Black Series is here for us to see in a bunch of leaked photos.

The pictures showed up on Instagram and show the beefed-up coupe sitting in a workshop with no camouflage over its body. Although there’s no solid confirmation that this is indeed the rear thing, the car boasts the upgrades we’re expecting the Black Series model to arrive with. And everything looks legit, so let’s have a closer look.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series is the most aero-aggressive model yet

Are These "Leaked" Images of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Legit?
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As seen in the spy shots, the Black Series model sports a bigger-than-usual Panamericana grille. The opening is much wider at the bottom in order to feed more air into the upgraded engine. It also makes the Black Series look much more menacing than the GT R. We can also see a revised splitter and small winglets at the corners of the bumper. The engine is brand new and employs three vents, plus what appear to be carbon-fiber panels. The upper front fenders are also louvered, like on full-fledged race cars.

Are These "Leaked" Images of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Legit?
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The aero upgrades continue on the sides with heavily sculpted side skirts that transform into winglets toward the rear wheels. The mirror caps are finished in visible carbon-fiber. The car’s rear end is even more dramatic, mainly thanks to the massive, two-tier wing and the new diffuser. The wing is bigger than on any other AMG GT model, including the race-spec ones, and seems it’s of the active variety. The hatch is painted black, just like the roof. The diffuser is a big departure from the AMG GT R. Not only larger, but it also features larger vertical fins. Unlike the GT R, which boasts a center-mounted exhaust, the Black Series model comes with a pair of round pipes at each corner.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series will feature a V-8 with more than 700 horsepower

Are These "Leaked" Images of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Legit?
- image 918825
There's no official word as to what lurks under the revised hood, but sources close to the company say that the twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 engine has been updated to deliver 711 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

This is a big improvement over the current range-topping model, the AMG GT R, rated at 577 horses and 516 pound-feet of torque. That’s an extra 134 horsepower and 74 pound-feet to go with all the aerodynamic upgrades.

The extra output will make the Black Series model notably quicker from 0 to 60 mph. With the AMG GT R rated at 3.2 seconds for the benchmark, the Black Series versions will get there in three seconds flat, or even 2.9 clicks. Top speed could increase as well from the GT R’s 198-mph rating to a little over 200 mph, but that depends on the body kit.

Are These "Leaked" Images of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Legit?
- image 918823

The AMG GT R Black Series could be on its way for an online debut later this month, so stick around for updates and a full review.

Mercedes-AMG GT lineup
Mercedes-AMG GT Mercedes-AMG GT S Mercedes-AMG GT C Mercedes-AMG GT R Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series
Displacement 3982 cc 3982 cc 3982 cc 3982 cc 3982 cc
Output 469 hp at 6000 rpm 515 hp at 6250 rpm 549 hp at 5750-6750 rpm 577 hp at 6250 rpm 711 HP
Peak torque 464 lb-ft at 1900-5000 rpm 494 lb-ft at 1900-5000 rpm 501 lb-ft at 2100-5500 rpm 516 lb-ft at 2100-5500 rpm 590 LB-FT
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