• Are Volvos Safe? This Video Says Yes Sir!

The driver did get hit in the face with some Karma… I mean dash trim

A Reddit user posted a video of what appears to be a late-2000s Volvo XC70 getting into a head-on collision with a massive truck. Usually, this is the kind of video that makes you cringe, knowing the occupants of the vehicle were severely injured, but they were driving a Volvo. If you ever questioned whether or not Volvo made safe cars, well this is a real-world crash test that answers with a definite YES.

There isn’t a lot of information to go by, but we know this is an older XC70 that didn’t include things like lane-keep assist or the like. Clearly, the Volvo driver was at fault. Prior to the crazy accident, the vehicle slowly drifts out of its lane and right into the path of that big truck. It doesn’t even appear as if the drive in the Volvo hit his brakes, so he was probably distracted with more important things – you know, a text message, browsing facebook, or watching porn.

The car behind him was the lucky one with a dash cam and was actually able to stop before making things worse, but what happens after that is sheer lunacy. For a collision that would likely result in injury for most cars on the road, this driver seems more angry than anything, throwing a big piece of the dash, which was obviously karma’s way of slapping him in the face, out of the car. I’m sure there were a few naughty words said in the process and, according to later posts, the driver walked away uninjured.

Regardless of what caused the accident, it goes to show one thing – Volvos are pretty damn safe. I’m sure the driver was sore the next day, and he probably got whacked in the face by that piece of dash trim pretty good. But, considering what the outcome could have been, I’m pretty sure he should be writing Volvo one hell of a thank you note – their design philosophy probably just save his life, or at the very least, saved him from serious injury.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go trade in my Volkswagen Golf for an older Volvo XC70. Check out the video below, and I’m sure you’ll want to do the same.

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Source: Reddit

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