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Are We Finally Looking At The Next-Gen Mustang?

A spy shot of what could potentially be Ford’s upcoming Pony car has surfaced online

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You’ve seen test cars, you’ve heard the rumors and seen the renderings, but is this the next gen-Ford Mustang that we’ve all been waiting for? Well, Ford Authority managed to capture the front-end of what could potentially be the next-gen-S650.

Is this the next-gen Ford Mustang?

According to Ford Authority, multiple prototypes of the upcoming Mustang have been spotted so far. The next-gen Pony car’s interior reveals stuff like a flat-bottom steering wheel. This latest spy shot reveals what could potentially be the next-gen Mustang’s front facia.

Youtuber Stang Mode is not a big fan of the new front end. He was in New York attending the NYIAS 2023 and caught up with some folks at Ford to get to the bottom of this. But apart from saying that they are just as excited about the next Mustang as all of us are, he couldn’t really get much else.

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Khris Bharath
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