The 2012 New York Auto Show is still about two months which means we will have to wait that long before the official debut of the new generation SRT Viper. We’ve been lucky enough to get a few teaser images thrown our way by Chrysler, but we want the real deal, and we might just be looking at it.

The quality of the image is terrible with very little resolution, but it looks like a Viper that has been completely overhauled as Ralph Gilles, Head of Chrysler, stated it would be: "there won’t be a part of the car that’s untouched."

Squinting our eyes at the image, we can see a completely restyled front end with newly shaped headlights, front bumper, and hood. These elements blend in nicely with the design of the first teaser image revealing the shape of the new Viper.

There’s no way of knowing whether or not this is the real thing until the New York Auto Show opens its doors. What we do know is that the SRT Viper will be housing a new powerhouse engine that should be able to blow our minds. Rumors suggest this engine could be a variation of Chrysler’s new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 with some form of forced induction or an 8.7 liter V10 engine - the largest engine ever used in a Chrysler production car.


Source: MotorAuthority

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  (517) posted on 03.5.2012

While everyone’s curiosity is up about how it looks like I’m more piqued on how its stated performance is accurate.

  (594) posted on 02.28.2012

I agree with Lilia_Endrizzi, removing the large pixels on the image or simply giving a higher resolution of this car. We can assure that the hood has a lot of details and uncovering it the engine is powerful V6 or V10 engine

  (211) posted on 02.27.2012

With its lower resolution, the SRT Viper can hardly see the details on the hood and the bumper, but what I’m interested to know is about the numbers which this car can give. 

  (374) posted on 02.27.2012

The photo is vague and it’s still only a rumor, but squinting to visually remove the large pixels of distortion, the design is gallant. The assumed engine is actually the best yet. They should reveal a clear image and precise description of features.

  (194) posted on 02.24.2012

Well, even with this teaser image with a very little resolution, some part of it are obviously restyled. Compared to previous versions, it is noticeably that the bumper, headlight, and the hood were changed. Aside from that, it seems that the fog light has been removed.

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