For all the Mercedes-Benz fans: here’s something you can be proud of! ART unveiled a new tuning kit for the curent S-Class also known as the flagship of the German manufacturer. Although the tuning company modifies also the power plants of the vehicles, this time the Mercedes S-Class received most of the attention on the exterior. As you can see the model features two-tone paint scheme together with new front spoiler, unique front grill and four integrated foglamps as well as two double exhaust pipes and an integrated air diffusor in the rear spoiler.

At the interior, ART Tuning keeped the Alcantara leather but also added a second colour in conformity with the exterior colours. The tuner also added custom-build curtains, aluminium door sills an not at last, the badged velour carpets.

ART Tuning unveild two-tone Mercedes S-Class
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The engine of the car features now a new supercharger kit developed specially for this new model. Unfortunately for the fans, the car’s engine doesn’t develop 580hp like the old model 221 AVANTGARDE but the manufacturer assured us that the power available on the vehicle is more than enough. Last thing that was added to the car was the adustable suspension kit together with the 21” rims in the ART style.

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SpikeX5  (60) posted on 04.12.2008

As a benz owner, the S-class should come in two-ton colors, taking it apart from the rest of the one-ton colors which we all the same ex: black, gray ,and white, but more love in your benz "light it up"

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