There’s something to be said about a car you rarely hear from yet when the time comes that they pop up in the grid, you do nothing except pay attention.

As far as we’re concerned, thats how we feel about the Artega GT. And if it’s not enough that we have the car to talk about, this particular GT has actually also been tuned up by renowned tuner Cargraphic.

The 300 horsepower sports car gets a set of GT and GT-R three-piece aluminum wheels in a choice of either 19-inch or 20-inch dimensions. The wheels are also made from lightweight material, helping this Cargraphic-tuned Artega GT shed some weight from its standard version.

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Press release

The polyurethane bodywork of the Artega GT, designed by the Dane Henrik Fisker, is only 1.18 metres ’flat’. The wheels are a design feature and are given a particularly exposed role, as they literally come up to the belly button of this sporty 300 HP sports car. The exclusive vehicle customizer, Cargraphic from Germany, have launched the perfect accompanying wheels and these dynamic creations share the following philosophy with the Artega GT: Lightweight, sporty and made in Germany.

Artega GT by Cargraphic High Resolution Exterior
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The experienced traditional company are providing both a single-piece flowforming cast wheel with the name INTRA SPORT ONE and three-piece cast and forged wheels which answer to the name of Racing (cast), GT and GT-R (forged). They are not only striking as a result of their dynamic and elegant design, but also because of their dimensions, which exceed the 8x19 (FA) and 9.5x19 inches (RA) of series wheels. The consistent use of lightweight material ensures that the Artega GT, which only weighs 1.1 tonnes, also has low unsprung weight to help it to make the most of its superior agility.

The IS-ONE, which can be used with summer or winter tyres, is a wheel that is extremely responsive to steering and driving, particularly in its lightweight version. And this is the case even though it is significantly wider than the series, with the 235/30R19, for example, at 8.5x19 (FA) and 305/30R19 at 11.5x19 inches (RA). Even better: This growth provides more intense roadholding, which is even stronger for the optional cup tyres. As always, the Artega pilot has perfect style with its classic cross-spoke design.

Artega GT by Cargraphic High Resolution Exterior
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Closely related when it comes to looks, the three-piece aluminium wheel Racing makes itself known to the observer with its elegant screw connections. With its measurements of 8.5x20 (FA) and 11.5x20 inches (RA), it also displays attractive new dimensions. This model also has versatility as one of its trump cards: As the customer wishes, Cargraphic can fit it with a particularly lightweight aluminium outer rim or a sturdy stainless steel variety. For the wheel centre there is a choice between a cast and a forged version.

Cargraphic produces the GT and GT-R wheel in the same dimensions but with an entirely modified character. Both wheels have a particularly powerful and imposing appearance with their five solid double spokes and their screw crown. Every one of the company’s rotation forged rims really is a piece of art: to cite an example, a special CNC milling cutter needs 90 minutes just to carve out the wheel centre from the blank.

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  (666) posted on 03.17.2010

Holly! I think its about time to congratulate the designer. Yeah, there is really something to be said on that car. Truly the sounds of it’s name is becoming more rare and rare. It’s comeback creates a great bang.

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