We’ve seen a lot of exhibits done throughout the years of models made from the most random of objects. There’s been a Lego-made Empire State Building, an Eiffel Tower replica made from paperclips and a house of cards that was inevitably became the Taj Mahal.

What we haven’t seen though is someone create an actual replica of something using only Styrofoam. That is, until this week.

Michael Salter, a name many of us ought to become familiar with for his uncanny knack of producing life-sized replicas of objects using only Styrofoam. His latest work of art is a life-sized model of a Formula One car he made exclusively from styro scraps, wall paintings and digital drawings.

It seems easy to think about doing some of these things but when you see the actual product, you realize just how tough, not to mention tedious, a task like this can be.

Check out the photos to see Salter’s work of art, which by all accounts, is a virtual styro-masterpiece.


Source: NotCot

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  (477) posted on 02.7.2010

Pretty neat. Considering on how hard it is to handle that material. I wonder how light it is actually and if it is for sale. Definitely would love to have something like this displayed in my place.

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