You know that your concept car has become a hit when it doesn’t take more than a week before somebody already has a digital rendering cooking up in their computers.

So, we weren’t surprised in the least bit when we happened upon a rendering of the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept from someone named Jack Davies. Since the 918 Spyder Concept was universally lauded when it made a surprising debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week, the pressure on these artists to make a rendering worthy of the original was – short of saying – sky high.

For his part, Davies quickly put a hardtop on the 918, thereby eliminating the whole ‘Spyder’ concept altogether. As far as we’re concerned, we kind of liked the whole roadster element of the 918 and the hardtop kind of stains the overall enthralling package of the 918 Spyder.

Apart from that though, we have very little to complain about. It’s hard to butcher a really suave-looking car in the first place anyway. And while Davies didn’t exactly throw a whole trinket of aesthetic facelifts on the car, it was still enough to give his take on the 918 Spyder Concept a life of its own.

Now, about that hardtop? We think he should lose it and stick to one of the major elements that really made the 918 Spyder Concept stand out from everybody at Geneva.


Source: DeviantArt

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  (807) posted on 03.11.2010

Well, the only parts of it that I think is rendered are a few lines and the roof design of the car. I don’t think that I like it that much cause I don’t think that there is no fluidity from the roof to the rear windows down to the rear part of the car.

  (939) posted on 03.9.2010

Of all the car concept the spyder concept is much admirable. It has a distinct quality and the superiority build up is superb.

  (544) posted on 03.8.2010

Lovely but Porsche is now beginning to look like ferrari this concept has some similarities to the GTO.

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