Maybe not all of you folks know about the Japanese tuner ASI. Well, ASI is a tuning company specialized in customizing Bentley cars established in Japan. Bentley range received recently a customization program from the Japanese tuning company, a program that not only modifies the interior of the car, but also the exterior and the engine.

The vehicles received custom 22” alloy wheels, an aggressive bodykit but also an engine upgrade from 560hp to 640hp as well as brake and suspension kits in order to deliver better handling.

ASI is preparing another customized Bentley, called „Tetsu”. The „Tetsu”, with the help of ECU chipping, exhaust modifications and transmission upgrades, will deliver 800hp an will be limited to only 29 units, each at a price of US$600,000. If anyone wants to order their customized Bentley, you have to know that in the USA the cars will be sold through Platinum Motorsport dealer, based in California. Stay tuned, ASI said that it will announce more details at the end of this month.

Source: ASI

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