When you usually hear the name ASMA, you tend to think of over the top highly tuned Mercedes Benz models like the SLR super car, but this time the German design studio has moved their attention over to the even more illustrious Bentley Continental. However the more that things change, the more they stay the same, so just like the Perfectus SLR, the Ventus was also built for a wealthy Saudi politician.

ASMA Ventus
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ASMA Design modified every aspect of the Continental, and as you can see the final product still has a bit of work that needs to get done before they can complete the transformation. On the outside ASMA has added new front and rear bumpers to give the Ventus a distinct appearance as well as a wide body kit to give the car a much more aggressive stance. Rounding out the exterior modifications are a new downforce enhancing rear wing and diffuser, while the Continental now rides around on a set of 22 inch rims that were painted black to match the exterior. What is left to be sorted out are the seats and steering wheel which still need a few final touches.

Not ones to stand for all show and no go, ASMA Design also massaged the engine in order to raise the Bentley’s maximum output of the 6.0 Liter W12 power plant from 560 HP all the way up to 644 HP, while at the same time the two door super car’s top speed has been increased to 201 MPH.


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  (477) posted on 01.7.2010

Holly molly! It’s that good to see a Ventus like that and I’m really amazed on the performance stats of this car. I really commend ASMA for beating the limitation of this car and of course the reputation of ASMA after the Mercedes SLR tune up is that high by setting up great tweaks on the power side.

  (2) posted on 10.29.2009

Yes it is Saudi Arabia... Confirmed...

  (2) posted on 10.29.2009

This car Saudi Arabia Tag (Registration Plate)....

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