It was only a little over a year ago that we ran into Aston Martin’s Director of Design, Marek Reichman, when he dazzled us with a demonstration of the Aston Martin transponder watch made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, and now we have the third generation timepiece to come from the grand partnership of Aston Martin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. This is the new AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder timepiece, a new limited edition watch priced at $24,400 and aimed at the distinguished owners of the Aston Martin DB9.

We’re going to skip over the specifics of the watch for a minute because the coolest part of this timepiece is the fact that it has the ability to "open" and "close" the doors of the vehicle, which basically means the driver can lock and unlock his doors with the press of a button. Press the two buttons at the same time and it kickstarts the "Find Me" feature of the timepiece/DB9 duo which enables the headlights of your DB9 to light up for a few seconds, allowing the owner to find his vehicle at a glance.

The rest of the timepiece is something to marvel at as well as it is in-cased in grade five titanium and features a black dial with a grille-type motif. The numbers on the piece are rhodium-plated metallic and are set against a luminescent black substance. Completing the look of the AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder is the "floating" DB9 logo placed in the center of the window.

Dang, 007 would be so proud.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Aston Martin and horological partner, Jaeger-LeCoultre are pleased to announce the launch of the AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder timepiece which affords the owner of a DB9 the luxury of opening their sports car by simply pressing on the sapphire crystal of their watch.

The AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder heralds the third generation of the revolutionary creation that sealed the ties between Aston Martin and the Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Released two years ago, the DBS Transponder watch was the first mechanical watch developed with the ability to control access to a luxury sports car by means of a built-in micro transmitter system serving to lock and unlock the Aston Martin DBS.

As the driver nears the car, all he need do is press the OPEN position on the watch glass (between eight and nine o’clock) in order to unlock the car, whereas doing the same thing on the CLOSE position between three and four o’clock will lock the vehicle.

By pressing simultaneously on the "OPEN" and "CLOSE" rectangles, the watch emits a signal recognised by the car as a "FIND ME" function: the headlamps light up for several seconds, without unlocking the car, so as to enable the owner to find the car at a glance.

By integrating the transponder circuit into the body of the watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre has created a timepiece that is entirely functional yet discreet, a masterpiece of miniaturisation and engineering that not only functions as a chronograph but as a key, making it the ultimate accessory for the ultimate sports car.

In-cased in grade five titanium, the black dial of the AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder is adorned with a grille-type motif and bears rhodium-plated metallic numerals coated in the centre with a luminescent black substance. The DB9 logo, which is gilded as are the hands and hour-markers, appears to be floating in the centre in a window revealing the ruthenium mainplate and bridges of the exquisitely refined movement.

The AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder watch is available to order now from the Aston Martin dealership network priced at: UK: £12,426, EU: €15,833, US: $24,400 exclusive of local taxes and customs & duties charges.

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