007 and the DBS will reprise their roles in the newest James Bond movie, due out next November. But, of course, “M” will have been required to come up with a new one, after Mr. Bond destroyed the last DBS in “Casino Royale.”

Aston-Martin’s chief executive officer, Ulrich Bez, had this to say: “"Aston Martin is proud of its long association with James Bond. The DBS has its own unique character which equals that of James Bond. 
It is explosive power in a black tie... and we are all very excited at the prospect of seeing it on the big screen again."
The Bond movie is yet untitled, so the preproduction publicity machine is, for now, muted.
Last year, there had been rumors that Bond might be in a Bentley in this movie. Historians of the Bond literature will recall that Bond’s original ride was a rebodied Bentley which he had acquired as a personal car after the first owner had wrecked the vehicle. Bond went to the trouble of having a new body placed upon the old chassis and had a car that he very much enjoyed. It, however, met an untimely fate in the first of the Bond novels. After that, Bond apparently decided not to risk his own, and drove the government-issued Aston-Martin DB-5.
But, though the sun does not set on the British empire in the novels, it certainly did set on the British auto industry and more recent Bond movies have featured Bond in various BMW products. The DBS was the first British branded car driven by Bond in a movie in a decade.
“British,” of course, is now a relative term. Aston-Martin is largely controlled now by Mid-Eastern investment companies.

Source: Sybarites

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