Don’t count on sales to increase, but Aston Martin’s brand awareness in the US could shoot through the roof

Celebrity endorsements can reap huge rewards for brands. That’s especially the case in the auto industry where competition is so rampant, some companies take this route to help elevate their names by having a popular figure attached to them. Think Peyton Manning and Shaquille O’Neal doing those hilarious Buick commercials or Blake Griffin’s series of ads for Kia. Some of them are years old and don’t run anymore, but the association remains. Of course, not every celebrity-endorsed car is promoted through commercials. Land Rover signed Victoria Beckham to a deal back in 2012 to help design the Range Rover Evoque. All this leads us to the latest automaker-celebrity connection: Aston Martin and Tom Brady.

Talk of the Aston Martin and Tom Brady collaboration isn’t actually breaking news since it had already been teased in a 30-second teaser back in February. But now we know what the scope of the Aston Martin-Tom Brady partnership and its potential to be special. The synergy between the two sides is evident, especially when the immense success both Aston Martin and Tom Brady have in their respective fields is combined. The British supercar brand doesn’t remain relevant in the auto industry for over 100 years without being successful and Brady didn’t win his five Super Bowl rings by accident. Line up these two together and you have the makings of a partnership that’s oozing with promise and opportunity.

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Both parties stand to benefit from this partnership

Aston Martin is one of the most carefully curated auto brands in the business. It doesn’t just go about signing celebrities left and right to endorse its models. It says a lot then for the British supercar company to look at a guy like Tom Brady, a well-known quarterback with five Super Bowl titles, and sign him to an endorsement deal. Given Brady’s status as one of the most highly decorated athletes in the world today, Aston Martin’s profile in the U.S. market is going to blow up for all of its intended reasons.

Aston Martin And Tom Brady Should Make For A Successful Partnership
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This partnership is all about raising Aston Martin’s profile in the U.S.

Now as far as people actually going to buy a model like the Aston Martin DB11 just because Brady is posing with it, that’s an entirely different matter. I don’t think Aston Martin got into this partnership with Brady thinking that the New England Patriots quarterback was going to help increase the sales volume of the DB11, largely because the coupe costs at least $211,995 without any options. Maybe Brady can swing a few sales here and there, but a massive uptick in sold units because of TB12? Highly unlikely.

Aston Martin And Tom Brady Should Make For A Successful Partnership
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This partnership is all about raising Aston Martin’s profile in the U.S. and the company couldn’t have picked a better endorser from the U.S. sports sphere than Tom Brady. It’s about two parties with strongly cultivated images joining forces and lending their names to each other to build strong brand equities in a market as vibrant as the U.S. The fact that we’re also getting a special edition Aston Martin DB11 that will be designed by Brady himself and limited to just 12 units is simply the icing on this elaborately prepared cake.

The British automaker has given no details on when these 12 Tom Brady-designed DB11s will be released, but knowing the preparation that will go on designing them, you can expect these special edition Aston Martins to get a lot of headlines when they’re released. That’s the power Tom Brady has at this point as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Anything he associates himself with will be fodder for all of us. It just so happened that this time, it’s with Aston Martin.

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