British engineering firm tasked to make the track-focused supercar ready for road use

The Aston Martin Vulcan is awesome for a lot of reasons, but if there’s one gripe about this $2.6 million track-focused supercar, it’s that the exclusivity extends all the way to its use. Suffice to say, the 24 owners of the 24 Vulcans made can only use it on a race track. At least that was the plan initially, although now it appears that owners of the Vulcan can now have their exotic masterpieces reconfigured for road use.

Speaking exclusively to Autocar, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has announced that owners of the Vulcan can now have their cake and eat it too. A road conversion package for the supercar is being prepared by engineering firm RML, one that will effectively make the Vulcan usable on the road. That’s essentially the gist of it, although the specifics behind the conversion are far more complicated than a few twists of some bolts.

According to Palmer, the conversion will focus on three key areas of the Vulcan, namely safety-critical aspects, technical alterations like ride height and gear ratios, and bespoke modifications as per specific requests of the customer. Engine emissions will also be involved in the conversion to appease emissions regulations of the country where a specific Vulcan is from. Likewise, adding road-legal lights and performing crash test simulations will also be carried out.

The whole process is expected to take up to three months and while the cost for the conversions have yet to be revealed, I don’t imagine it being a problem to the people who paid $2.6 million for the car to begin with. For its part, RML revealed that a timetable to have the first Vulcan conversion completed by the end of 2016.

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Why it matters

Given that McLaren acquiesced to a similar demand to have the McLaren P1 GTR converted for road-use by an independent firm, I had an inkling that the Aston Martin Vulcan would follow a similar path. Rare is the day that I end up being right on such things, so consider this one a nice little win for pride. For those who don’t remember, motorsport and engineering firm Lanzante took up the task of converting the track-spec P1 GTRs for road use. McLaren itself isn’t involved in that project, but the British automaker gave its blessing for the conversions to be done to anybody who was interested in doing it.

Now, Aston Martin finds itself in a similar situation and it’s nice to see the automaker giving its approval for the same process to be done to the Vulcan. It’s unclear how many owners of the track-spec supercar will be open to the conversion, but according to Palmer, Aston Martin expects at least five of the 24 owners to take advantage of the opportunity.

Personally, I can’t blame these owners for doing this because if I were in their position, I would’ve done the same thing. I love the Vulcan like everybody else, but if you think about it, what’s the point of spending all that money and then have its use limited to just a race track. I don’t speak for others, but I would prefer to have the car go out on the public road. It may be a vanity thing or a shot to the ego, but really, wouldn’t you want to show the world that you’re the proud owner of one of the most exclusive Aston Martins? I know I would.

Aston Martin Vulcan

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