The 24th movie installment of the James Bond franchise is currently filming, and we already know what car Bond will drive, along with at least three other special cars that the villains will drive. Those are not so important right now, as I recently came accross some behind-the-scenes footage that will probably make you even more excited about the upcoming movie.

The amateur video above shows the Aston Martin DB10 being driven by a stuntman in a rehearsal for a gunfire escape sequence. From what I gathered from the video’s description, it seems that the scene was shot at the Blenheim Palace, an English Baroque building that is known for being the birthplace and ancestral home of none other than Sir Winston Churchill. If you pay attention, at some points during the footage you can also see a brown Jaguar X-C75 parked near the escaping DB10, while most other cars sitting in the parking lot feature Italian license plates.

We already know that a car chase featuring the Aston Martin DB10 and the Jaguar hypercar is set to happen on the streets of Rome, but this is the first time that the two cars have been spotted together. Spectre is scheduled to be released in theaters on 6 November 2015, and most of the action sequences have already been shot, with filming being put on hold for a while after Daniel Craig sustained an injury a few weeks ago.

Aston Martin DB10

2015 Aston Martin DB10 Exterior
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Technically based on the current Aston Martin V8, the DB10 is strictly a movie car, according to the Gaydon carmaker, but you shouldn’t be surprised if some of its design motifs will be borrowed by future Aston Martin models. It sports much beefier wheelarches and a set of muscular shoulders that make it look about as wide as the gorgeous One-77, while the rear quarter-window is minuscule compared to that of the V8 Coupe. According to the people in charge of the project, Aston Martin will build just 10 examples of the DB10, but all of them are to be used as movie props only. Either way, seeing it in motion makes its gorgeous lines look even more beautiful, so let’s hope that most of those lines will be echoed on one the upcoming Aston Martins powered by Mercedes-AMG.

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