We’ve all seen and drooled over the 2015 Aston Martin DB10, which will make its on-screen debut in the new James Bond flick: Spectre. Unfortunately, we’ve already learned that the car will not become a production vehicle, nor does it preview the next-generation DB9, but it is a real car as you can see in this video of its official reveal (above).

The fact that it has no production future is a crying shame, but at least it will have a starring role in Spectre, so we can enjoy it again and again. That said, I take with a grain of salt Aston’s claim that the DB10 will not inspire a production car. Automakers have a habit of holding their cards very close to their chest and sometimes hide new products in plain sight to throw others off. So I feel there is still a chance that the DB10 could either become its own model or inspire a new-generation DB9, given its reception remains warm after the movie has come and gone.

Regardless of what one keyboard-punching auto junkie thinks, I can tell you that the car does actually exist and it was debuted at an event earlier in December. If you thought it was sexy in pictures, just wait until you get a look at it in the flesh in this video. The only thing that would make this video better would be if Daniel Craig himself would have hopped into the car and let its V-8 engine sing a song for us.

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Aston Martin DB10

2015 Aston Martin DB10 Exterior
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