• Aston Martin DB5 And Centenary Vanquish Reviewed By XCar: Video

The kids at XCAR always seem to get the best gigs. In this new video Drew Stearne gets tossed the keys to the ultra-sexy and ultra-limited 2014 Aston Martin Centenary Edition Vanquish. With its 6.0-liter, V-12 engine, unique touches borrowed from the One-77 supercar and that wonderful exterior design it looks like a rolling piece of art through the video. But then Drew steps it up a notch.

Not only does he have the keys to the new Vanquish, he has been given leave to drive what he calls the most famous car in the world: the Aston Martin DB5. Like all XCAR videos this one is full with unsurpassed direction and video presentation, perfectly complimentary audio choices, and a dose of automotive passion and love. If you have ever been interested in Aston Martin as a company this video is a much watch. From the great cars to the surprisingly deep history lesson contained within, this video will likely be the best seven minutes you spent all day.

Now go ahead and click “play” and bask in the British glory. For fun, when you get finished comment below with which car you think is better. I am a sucker for the new Vanquish but the DB5 is probably my favorite car of all time, so I’d take the classic.

Aston Martin DB5

1963 - 1967 Aston Martin DB5 Exterior
- image 508321

Aston Martin Centenary Vanquish

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 489247
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