Aston Martin DB9 breaks tree in half

At some point, our threshold for seeing exotic car crashes is going to be snapped. But until that time, we just have to stomach them and move on. The latest victim of the lethal mix of bad driving and bad weather is an Aston Martin DB9. In this video shot in Warsaw, Poland, the DB9 was speeding along a wet road when it loses control before slamming into a tree, breaking it in half in the process.

The DB9 then spins a couple of times before resting to a stop with the fallen tree just a few feet away from the car. Imagine what would have happened if the impact of the crash forced the DB9 to stop and the tree falling on top of it. Despite the damage done to his ride, the driver was enormously lucky not to have been crushed under a tree trunk.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (1023) posted on 12.22.2009

The video is copyrighted right now, damn I want to watch that video. I want to see the "breaking the tree" scene and give my comment about that. "Aston Martin, a tree breaker", a good tag though I haven’t seen it. Anyways the details was here and some crazy dumb driver to make an Aston Martin suffer from your recklessness.

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