Aston Martin will be giving the DB9 and the Vantage two-seater a facelift in 2013 and 2014 as the English company aims to refresh its range without engineering new models.

Aston’s plan for a more fundamental revamp of the cars has been thrown out due to the financial crisis.

Instead of a major revamp, Aston Martin will be focusing on a detailed engineering overhaul of the DB9 and the Vantage’s current aluminum structure. The two cars will also get new exterior looks and new interiors.

Artists at Autocar have given us a sample of what they think these modified cars will look like.

The new DB9’s look will come from the limited-run One-77 supercar, although the styling will be toned down a bit.

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A new key design element is the new feature lines and the hallmark air vent on the front wings. The Vantage has a similar design.

The styling will be crisper than the current DB9, which isn’t exactly ugly. Aston is also working on a wide, deep front grille from the One-77, a design that was first seen on the DB7 Zagato. Designers agree that anything resembling that grille needs to be taken down a notch for the DB9.

While the cars look might change a bit, the overall length, wheelbase, height, and front and rear overhangs will likely remain the same, as engineers will look to perfect technology that they already have available.

"We’re not going to start from scratch again when we already have experience with excellent cutting-edge technology," an Aston source revealed to Autocar.

The biggest issue for Aston people is the car’s weight. Engineers will look to decrease the weight of the new DB9 and the Vantage through a redesign of individual extrusions and pressings that make up the car’s alloy tub.

"There’s plenty more yet to come from the VH platform," said one insider to Autocar.

A few Aston sources say that the company is looking for a 10 percent weight reduction, which is much needed as the competition has already outshined Aston in the pounds department.

The DB9 is around 130kg heavier than the Ferrari California, despite the fact that the Ferrari has a folding metal roof. Even the Ferrari 599 is lighter than the Aston. A bit too much fish and chips for the British supercar.

Not only is Aston looking at the cars structure, but they are also at new materials. This could mean that the new DB9 could have more carbon fiber on the exterior. Fine by us, just as long as it doesn’t look to gaudy.

Under the hood of the DB9 and Vantage will be the same V12 and V8 that live under the hoods of the current cars. Of course, they will be heavily modified for more power and better fuel efficiency.

“Our V12 has still got another generation to go," said Aston chairman David Richards to Autocar.

Improvements could mean that the big V12 could produce far more than the current 470 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. The biggest gains will most likely come in terms of fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. Getting close to 300g/km is key for Aston.

Other improvement could come from Aston’s race team. "There’s a lot of potential crossover from the race V12 to the production engine," said Richards.

Astons have always been the most beautiful cars on the road and hopefully soon, they will be able to keep up on the track as well.

Source: Autocar

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  (392) posted on 06.14.2010

looks amazing, it’s roof top looks a little bit lower.

  (347) posted on 06.11.2010

looks more aggressive and promising than the previous DB9.

  (359) posted on 06.11.2010

They’ve just made the rear end more sexier and teasing.

  (512) posted on 06.10.2010

lovely.. i hope this would be the new car of james bond if there is next movie for him.

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