Stopping distance it is very important, but that you knew already. A few feet can be the difference between life or death to you and those around you. That’s why Aston Martin is giving the DB9 technology developed for the Caparo T1 hypercar. The braking system from the Caparo will cut the DB9’s stopping distance by 24%, reduce fade under regular heavy braking and increase feel and consistency.

Aston Martin DB9 will get Caparo brake
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The DB9’s original 330mm rear discs remain the same with the 355mm front disc replaced by 378mm discs, made from specially selected high-performance materials. Calipers are extremely rigid opposed piston four pots at the front and four pots at the rear, each machined from a single casting of aluminum to provide exceptional stability and performance.

The thermal capacity of the new discs has been improved, with an 18% reduction in peak temperature during a fade test, meaning that the new brakes can be applied for longer before any brake fade occurs.


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