According to Autocar Magazine, Aston Martin received 1500 orders for the newly launched DBS. And how the company announced that the DBS will be limited to only 300 units a year, this means that the car is sold out for 5 years!

The company might come with the decision to increase the DBS production if they want to keep they customers happy. Everyone waiting in line for a DBS is a VIP and a five year wait could cause all but the most die-hard Aston fans to consider another car that is available right now.

As you know, Aston Martin is also working on the four-door Rapide to compete with the Panamera. Initially Aston Martin announced that they will produce 1000-2000 units a year, but with such strong demand for the DBS, they might be forced to outsource the Rapide’s production.

Source: WindingRoad

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  (5) posted on 10.5.2007

Wow, 5 years. It looked great in Casino Royale, so I’m not surprised.

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