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Aston Martin DBX Coupe – Is It Inevitable?

Five or six new versions of the DBX are coming, and Aston Martin could jump onto the coupe-SUV bandwagon

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The Aston Martin DBX was a controversial success from launch and, today, it accounts for more that 50-percent of the company’s global sales. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that there are more derivatives of the DBX coming – a move that is expected to keep demand high and make up for the fact that Aston Martin occupies just a small portion of the SUV market. Some of the new DBX models coming are at least somewhat expected, but you might not like all of what Aston Martin is planning.

2021- Pushing the DBX into Mild-Hybrid Territory

Aston Martin DBX Coupe – Is It Inevitable?
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So, Moers hasn’t confirmed a DBX Coupe, but it certainly seems like it’s within the real of possibility, and it would make a lot of sense given how much that niche has grown in the last decade.

In an interview with Motor Trend, Tobias Moers – CEO of Aston Martin – confirmed that by the end of 2021 the company would offer a mild-hybrid DBX. According to the outlet, this model will blend electrification with a 3.0-liter inline-six and a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Power will, naturally, be sent to all four wheels. There are currently no expectations set for performance, but being a mild-hybrid, it could be geared toward performance or fuel economy, but since Aston Martin is a performance brand, I’d be willing to bet it’ll be geared more toward performance.

Beyond 2021 – New Body Styles, New Performance

Aston Martin DBX Coupe – Is It Inevitable?
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Moers also confirmed that in 2022, the DBX family will grow with the addition of a performance-focused model. This model, however, won’t bear the AMR brand because, as Moers put it:

“we're not going to use AMR as a brand because there is no need for a sub-brand because Aston Martin is a performance brand.”

But this isn’t the big part of the news, because Moers came right out and said that Aston Martin needs “different body styles, more bang-on performance, a more aggressive body style, [and] things like that.” With Aston Martin pumped up to deliver five or six different versions of the DBX by 2024, a DBX coupe – think along the lines of the Mercedes GLC Coupe, BMW X6, or the Porsche Cayenne Coupe – is certainly a very strong possibility. There are even rumors of a seven-seat model, which Moers all but confirmed.

Aston Martin DBX Coupe – Is It Inevitable?
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Aston Martin’s DBX has been a big hit, and the company is planning to capitalize on that in a very big way
“You can think about being more luxurious, spacious, and you can think about being more sporty.”

With all of this in mind, one can’t help but wonder what Aston Martin’s plans are beyond this. The company surly can’t survive off the DBX alone, can it? It’s managed to make some 1,500 deliveries in around 12 months, and with so many new DBX models coming, it will be the brand’s most important model for some time to come. But, at the end of the day, the brand will still need more than the DBX, regardless of how many different variants it can come up with.

2020 Aston Martin DBX specifications
Engine AMG-sourced 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8
Power 542 hp
Torque 516 lb-ft
Gearbox 9-speed auto
0-60 mph 4.2 s
Top speed 181 mph

Source: Motor Trend

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