Aston Martin has now new owners and a new future is rising for one of the world’s most iconic brands, away from the problems of Ford. 

David Richards of Prodrive, along with Texas banker John Sinders, and the Kuwaiti Investment Dar and Adeem Investment have taken a 90% stake in the company, so is quite obvious that new people means new ideas.

Richards will get a seat on the board of directors, and Ulrich Bez will remain Chief Executive, but there are plans for new cars, not only new generations of the actual models but new elements in the range

"Every year, we hope to have a surprise for you, and they will begin next year with our new halo-car, the DBS." said Dr Bez
"This will be different from the car that appeared in the latest James Bond film, and it won’t be a direct replacement for the Vanquish either, because we prefer to carve out a new identity for the car" Bez explained. "However, it will be our flagship product, and it will use our VH platform."

Aston Martin DBX is coming
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New identity? It doesn’t sound too good. But we announce you that the four-seater Rapide model, revealed at the Detroit motor show last year, will go into production in 2009 so if this is the new identity it should be fine. Aside from the fact it look very good there’s not so much modification in the identity.

They will make between 1000 and 2000 of these four-seaters a year, but they will expand the Gaydon production facilities in order to be able to introduce in the production future cars.

Bez finally mentioned in passing a third new model called the DBX. "In the long term, we have to look for growth beyond the current range of cars," he said.

You may think that this is Aston’s internal name for the DB9 replacement but something more unusual could be on the menu.

Strange for Aston is the last letter "X".There are two possible variants we think about. Money are the target in here and Porsche make big money with Cayenne so why dont Aston Martin try a SUV. The second variant? Think about this, who’s the master of all-wheel drive sport cars? Prodrive!

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